I’m so split on Prada‘s Fall 2009 collection. I’ve seen some bags from it that look great – a bit boring, but made of nice materials and stylish enough to appeal to a lot of people. And then I’ve seen some bags that are apparently slightly more ‘conceptual,’ and most of those don’t work as well. A new entry on that list is the Prada Velluto Jacquard Tote.

Prada Velluto Jaquard Tote

It looks like what Prada was going for here was a modern-day carpet bag, this time made of nylon and velvet instead of more old-fashioned materials. I guess they partially succeeded, since it’s possible to see their goal in the finished product, but it’s hard to look at pictures of the bag and go, “Yes, exactly, this is exactly what a modern carpet bag should be.” The pattern looks vaguely like a cult logo, and I’m not paying $1500 for mustard-colored nylon that labels me as part of the Dharma Initiative. Sorry, Prada. Try harder next time. Buy through Saks for $1450.

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  • michaelstjames

    yikes…prada is trying way too hard to be valentino and failing miserably!


  • Caroline @ Salescoop

    Ew! This is just…not good! From the color to the materials this bag is just not a winner. Priced at $1500, I think this purse is definitely going to end up on the sale rack!


  • Brigette

    Haha I just had to say I love the Dharma Initiative shout out. So true though..major fail for Prada!

  • Roe

    this looks like a swatch from an old 70’s velvet couch minus the plastic cover

  • Sarah

    The simple bags from the collection are beautiful but this is foul.

  • Mandy

    Good lord, this is awful. Prada, what were you thinking? I don’t like the Fall carpet bag trend in general, including the Isabella Fiore bags. Ugh.

  • Merve

    It looks like Mary Poppins carpet bag. Ick ick