My Flat In London Mini Pug Tote I really think it would be cool to live in London. What would be even cooler would be when people asked where I lived, I could say in a really sexy British accent, “My Flat in London.” Don’t worry, it’s ok to laugh. Back on topic, I kept seeing bags designed by My Flat In London and I have been intrigued to say the least. Over the weekend while doing what I do best, shopping, I ran into more of these bags and just couldn’t help give them some attention. I’m particularly drawn to the My Flat In London Mini Pug Tote because I’m a sucker for puppies. This pug outline actually reminds me somewhat of a Bulldog, and those are my absolute favs! This bag is uniquely different and because of that I am sure many of you readers may enjoy it. Made of quilted nylon, featuring a purple leather pug, and being groomed with ribbons and crystal detail makes this cute little bag an accessory must have in your collection. The tote uses a snap tab closure and contains an inner zip pocket for goodies. If you are tickled by this little London flat fun, buy it at Nordstrom for $225.

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  • Sam

    I think you are going to hate me. I am British and I have a flat in London.
    Have you ever featured Anya Hinmarche’s “Be A Bags”?

    Maybe you should have a readers’ gallery?

  • Ok I am insanely jealous. I want to have a british accent and say I live in a flat in London so badly!!! My parents almost sent me to boarding school in London when I was younger because of my extreme begging, but then put their foot down and said no. So it leaves me feel incomplete and extremely jealous of you!!

    We will look into Anya Hinmarche’s bags! Thanks!

  • billyjoe

    cute! i love it! but the color of the dog is kind of freakish

  • vixen

    Ok, that’s cute.

  • Dolores

    I am trying to buy a “My Flat In London Pug Bag/Tote”…seems the one in the actual shape of the pug has been retired…am interested in buying that one or the one featured above (pug tote)…HELP! If anyone knows how I can get one let me know!

    • Chelsea Gorrow

      i have a slightly used but in excellent condition black scottie dog shaped purse from my flat in london. it has pink big polka dots on it and a big crystal hanging from its collar…i paid over 150 dollars for it but its in AMAZING condition and i would sell it to u for 50 if you want! let me know! email me for pics!!

      • valerie

        I would love to see a picture of the bag-thanks!

  • sherrie

    Nordstrom says not available. Where should I go now?

  • Aubrie

    I love this purse! I have the matching shirt to go with it!

  • barbara

    I am looking for the grey wool or flannel handbag with the black scottie dog with rhinestone collar. It has been discontinued.
    If anyone knows let me know.

    • Jennifer Rose

      I actually have that exact purse and am looking to sell it or trade it for a juicy couture doggie bag. Let me know if you are still interested. It is in great condition.

  • ashley mcnamara

    I love these bags! I just bought the Frog Prince Diaper Bag and I cannot wait to get it!!!

  • kristen

    i have 4 my flat in london bags, in addition to the one you have pictured! I am shocked, because i can count on one hand how many people i have met who have even heard of my flat in london. have you checked out the website lately? the new spring 06 collection is better (for the most part) than last year’s!

  • Ann

    That’s why I really like the MFL bags, they aren’t seen all over the place. I’m curious, inside your bags, do they have a plain black zipper pull? Is there any decoration or leather on them? I bought one on the internet and although it looks very authentic I still am not sure. It’s such good quality and has full hand stich lining and tag and the price was not cheap, to say the least. I was told that zipper pulls can be a determining factor. Thank you.

  • Miriam Zimmermann

    I am an American but had my own flat in London when I was 20 and 21. I discovered your bags on a TV shopping channel in US, but they don’t seem to carry them any longer. Shame on them! They are adorable and I want one!!! Where is the best place to purchase them?

  • Alana

    I saw them at Costco, in the glass case by the jewelry, I was kind of surprised, you can find them at, but usually not in the stores. I have 8 MFL bags, they are just darling!

  • Melissa

    You might want to try or to find some of their bags. Good luck,

  • Kiki

    I think designer goods are officially “out” when they appear at Costco…. let alone QVC/Home Shopping Channel (where they are now featured). Even before learning these had appeared in either place, though, I winced at the strong whiff of the Emperor’s New Clothes on this particular “designer.” The pug shape is cute and trendy (so many pugs walking around town), but the rhinestones and bows are T-A-C-K-Y and cheap-looking. The overall design looks like something a ten-year-old put together.

  • Tracey

    I’ve seen them on
    I saw one just this past week at our local TJ Maxx. A small black snap top purse with the silver bee on the front. I loved it but a little small for me.

  • Naggy

    This is too plain and cutesy. (ipad)

  • KY

    It looks like a bag for a little girl. (ipad)