luella geek shopperHello from Florence!! It has been a little while since I checked in, seeing that paying £5 per half hour of the slowest internet available really eats away money quickly (and that I am on vacation), I have been laying low. Vlad and I have tons of great pictures from Venice and now my friend Kim and I do from Florence too. Vlad and I even managed to pick you all up some goodies from Venice 😀

There are tons of American travelers here and many of them scream out American. Funny thing is that so many Americans still enjoy standing out like a sore thumb here. I literally saw this bag today while strolling through beautiful Florence. The Luella Geek Print Shopper is nothing that I would care to be seen with, I am totally over the shirts with clever sayings and never got into the bags with them. Before Geek is printed on the front, there is merely natural canvas, double shoulder straps, and a press stud fastening. Who could you see carrying this? Vlad is our techie after all… maybe one of you should buy it for him! Via Net A Porter for $140.

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