Lacoste Large Canvas Logo ToteI find it adorable when a mom and daughter wear something that matches. Call me corny if you want to, but I can’t resist it. Even better if it is a preppy little tote bag. The Lacoste Canvas Tote bag comes in both large and mini, and while the mini is not said to be for little girls, wouldn’t it be cute? The Lacoste Large Canvas Logo Tote would be easy to carry on your way out the door to get the kids to and from wherever or just for a day of errands. The tote is either available in blue/green or red/blue and is laid out with a cream canvas. Of course there are the cute little crocs all over the tote. The tote gleams with silver metal hardware, has an open top, and measures 15″H x 27″W x 6 1/2″D. But the large tote for mommie (or really for whoever) via Neiman Marcus for $125.

Lacoste Mini Canvas Logo ToteNow we come to the mini-me, which I still think would be so cute to have the little girl matching mommie or sisters matching one another. The Lacoste Mini Canvas Tote is also available in the red/blue or blue/green scheme and is on a cream canvas with larger crocodile print. This bag also has the silver metal hardware and open top. The mini measures 15 3/10″H x 21 1/2″W x 9″D. Wait a bloody minute- how can a mini measure nearly the same as the large… Ok anyhow. Buy the so-called mini through Neiman Marcus for $95.

** Note: After a long night out celebrating with friends and family, I realize that either I am incredibly more dumb than I thought, or the measurements for these bags are off. Maybe in my ‘late night out’ state I really read into the fact that large should mean big and mini should mean small. Looks to me like my post makes no sense and is not justifiable because the dimensions of the bag are so similar. Can this be true? Not to mention, if they are the same size why the $30 difference in price. Someone explain… and also, if this is incredibly ridiculous- don’t be too harsh with me. It’s been a long and wonderful night!! ;-)

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