Can we talk about the Givenchy Maxi Nightingale Tote for a second? We get the chance to look through dozens of pictures of celebrities every day in order to create BagThatStyle, and in the last two weeks, this lovely bag has shown up more with more celebs than any other bag that I can recall since we started the site.

Hilary Duff, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Tisdale have all been spotted with the bag within days of each other, with little fashion fanfare to encourage them to be seen carrying it. So what’s the deal?

Givenchy Maxi Nightingale Tote

I’m starting to get the feeling that Givenchy is only one huge It Bag away from really exploding into the accessories mainstream, and they’d certainly deserve it. This Nightengale bag is gorgeous, of course, as every one of their Nightingales have been. And it’s getting more play with young taste-makers than any of their bags in the past.

I’m not sure what has catapulted it to such popularity, except maybe that these girls that have easy access to so many bags are getting kind of sick of carrying things that are easily found in any high-end department store. Givenchy bags aren’t rare, certainly, but they’re a bit more off-the-beaten-path than this season’s offerings from Louis Vuitton or Gucci. All of these starlets appear to be trying to carve out their own style niche (ok, so Vanessa Hudgens and The Tiz are carving out the same one), and a bag from an ultra-luxe designer with tons of hardcore fashion cred might be just what the doctor ordered. Buy through Barneys for $2175.

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  • Emma

    It’s a beautiful bag, but seeing it with celebs such as Ashley Tisdale has sort of put me off it.

  • Anna

    I love this bag!!! It’s the unique strap that got me- and the fact that the bag is so soft and slouchy that the strap becomes the main focus if you sling it over your shoulder.

  • 19yearslater

    You make the Disney girls sound like the fashion experts who want their own bag, sans logos, as indistinct as possible while still costing loads. I’m still not impressed with this bag. Does Hannah Montana have one, too?

  • Like it or not, these are the people that are photographed constantly now. They’re the ones that people constantly post about on the forum, asking what they’re wearing. I’ve never seen High School Musical, Hannah Montana, or Twilight and barely know who these people are, but underestimating their style influence would be a mistake. It’s not the “bigger” or older stars that we’re always getting questions about. For better or for worse, it’s these girls.

  • MeeMee

    Like this one a lot!

  • Tracy T

    Hahaha very well put, Amanda! Just a sign that you’re getting old when you ask “who ARE these girls and why should I care about their twee little careers and style?” Well these Disney girls and the Gossip Girl girls are the big style icons now, just as unknown “The O.C.” stars (Mischa, Rachel) became style icons a few years ago, and so on. And these girls have been seen carrying awesome bags (The Tis: Alexander Wang Coco Duffel, Balenciaga; Vanessa: Rebecca Minkoff wine matinee, JJ Winters grey suede fringe)

  • 19yearslater

    They are certainly fashion influences, I don’t doubt that. I just think that their motives for buying a bag may differ from the motives of a fashion insider. I really doubt an HSM star would blush to be seen carrying a logo bag.

  • Julie

    Don’t get the hype at all about this bag and it is SO expensive. Saw it in the shops and thought “what’s all the fuss about??”

  • papertiger

    Love this!

  • Dee

    I love the Nightingale! I have a couple of them. They are so light

    weight. The craftmanship is amazing. They are well worth the

    price. I don’t like that the HSM crowd are trying to rock them now.

    I don’t want the Nightingale to become an “it” bag. I can’t

    stand “it” bags.

  • Debjones (FB)

    LOVE the Nightingale – I have a black maxi in distressed lambskin. Eyeing the medium in Arabesque leather. Any thoughts/comments? (FB)

  • Lauren Nightingale

    I love the Nightingale – not only because that is my last name but because it is the bag of my dreams. The large black corset chain is to die for. I have wanted this bag since it came out! However these bags are a mortgage and a half for me, any ideas or thoughts how I can get my hands on one of these for a third of the price? A nightingale for a nightingale? :)

    One day, I will be able to show off this fabulous bag – in my dreams!

  • cat

    I love it! I feel like I’m late on the bandwagon but I feel like it’s so classic yet obscure and subversive. (ipad)

  • candace

    i need to find this…. on sale. :) (ipad)

  • Espy the bag snob

    So Happy, found the medium distressed taupe Nightingale (looks very similar to one Khloe has here) on Bluefly. Have seen others come and go on the site. It’s almost like they only get one at time. Watch Bluefly ladies!