christian dior flowers handbagI never liked work. But I sure liked to play dress up. I would dress up in anything, my mom’s clothes, my dad’s clothes, I’d write on my clothes, kitchen pots and pans, dirt, anything. As the years kept passing me by, I realized I would have to stop playing dress up and actually be forced to dress up because real people in the real world do that (Fake world, please take me back!). But I have always been able to find the positives in everything in my life, even if it is absurd. This positive I have found in work is absurd to my rational father and frugal mother, and probably the rest of the practical world, but in my world it makes perfect sense. If you must get a real job, why not spend that real money on a really nice bag? I refuse to ever be the business lady with the ugly suit and the uglier bag. No way! For all of you ladies who have been saving up for a new work bag, I have my eyes set on one that most of you will let your mouths drop and drool over. The Dior Romantic Flowers Leather Tote is to die for.

Dior has always had a way of drawing attention to their glamorous bags, and this new tote is nothing less than astonishing. Made with polished grained calf leather, the bag manifests its beauty in warm brown and shimmering floral embroidery with a butterfly on the front of the bag. The handles are topstitched leather with leather-covered polished silver metal C and D links and CD rivets. The brown logo jacquard interior provides a zipped pocket, patch pocket, and cell phone pocket. The dimensions are important to follow, because the tote is not huge- so make sure before you buy it if it is for work purposes it will fit all of your grown-up supplies. The measurements are 12″ (at top; bottom length is 9.75″) x 8.25″ (at center; height at sides is 7.5″) x 4.5″ (at base). So be that dress up girl that does the real world right- buy this fabulous little Dior tote via eLuxury for $1,080.

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  • Zoesmom

    That really is gorgeous! Too bad that price tag is out of my league. Maybe my bonus will be really, really good this year…

  • Megs

    Not only is that a high price tag– but from last night when I first wrote about it to this morning the price increased!!! It was $1,080 last night and now is $1,150!!!!

    Zoesmom- I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your bonus because this bag is divine!!

  • Tuesday

    I saw this bag at Saks this week. It is even more gorgeous in person. It’s actually quite understated and classy even with the flowers. I really love this bag.

  • Cindy

    That bag is really nice and perfect to take to work but my parents would kill me if I spend over $1000 on it.

  • ginny

    No offense, but how can you call a purse romantic???

  • billyjoe

    and why cant you call a purse romantic?
    it’s obviously gorgeous and it has all the right colours and judging the design and flowers on it i can call it romantic!

  • vixen

    wow- that’s the perfect accessorie!

  • Faritova

    I just ordered the last one in stock from Sabine’s, it’s a size larger than the one you posted, it’s actually 14″ at the top,I was looking all over for it, I’ll tell you how I like it when I actually see it in person.Good to know what year it is though. :lol:

    Should fit my Sony C lap top with copper trim perfectly!

  • Naggy

    It looks good for carrying library books around. (ipad)

  • KY

    I don’t like the flowers on the bag. (ipad)