Carlos Falchi Laser Cut Tote

Some of us are a little southern or have a little southern twang. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m kind of a country girl. Well, that is a lie. I’m quite the city girl, but I do like to believe I have a little country in me somewhere. If you like to think the same thing or if you are just trying to get in on the Western style vibe out there, there is a bag I’d love for you to look at. The Carlos Falchi Laser-Cut Tote has a rugged name along with its rugged look. This tote is crafted from pearlized smoke pebble-grain leather with red/rust/gold/green/and purple floral embroidery and some colorful whipstiching trim. It all sounds like a bit much, because it is a bit much. But for some this laser- cut scroll pattern tote may be just that country piece you have been looking for. I have the awful problem of being able to picture myself wearing so many bags with a few outfits, but the truth is there is no way I can afford that. With all its jazz, this bag may warm up to the country girl in you- or make the city girl in you realize why you like the city. Either way this bag can be purchased through Neiman Marcus for $795.

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