Things like the Bottega Veneta Sardegna Adjustable Tote make me a little angry. There are a few reasons why. First, I like Bottega Veneta. I don’t want to have to talk badly about them. I think that they generally make beautiful, understated, well-crafted bags that are functional and fit in to the lives of a lot of different women. So them making a bag that forces me to say not-nice things makes me angry. Second, canvas tote bags that cost more than $800 make me angry. I don’t care how nice the handles are.

Bottega Veneta Sardegna Adjustable Tote

The handles should be plated in GOLD to justify that price tag. At least Louis Vuitton has the decency to coat their canvas and turn it into a new (and super-durable) material. This just looks looks like regular canvas (Saks calls it “bright” but then calls it “ash.” Isn’t that a contradiction?) with a too-fancy handle, and stuff like that always makes me feel like a brand is trying to take advantage of its customers in a really obvious way. And that’s kind of crappy, right? Buy through Saks for $820.

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  • hazel

    Seriously, I totally agree, it is way over priced! I don’t even like the handle very much.

  • Merve

    As much as i love BV….I totally agree with you Amanda. Do they think we are stupid?

  • QueenMAB

    Dull and EXPENSIVE. That’s all the thought it deserves.

  • claire

    Merve, if you buy a Louis Vuitton bag, yes! is not leather!

  • janis

    BORING bag!

  • spanish moss

    as much as i heart bv, this is a not a shining moment for the brand. shame on them!

  • Carolyn

    There is no way that this bag is worth $800. There is nothing special that I can see.

  • mette

    Surprise : I like it ! I like the simplicity of it ! I like the fact that there are no visible hints of the brand on it!

  • stella

    I dislike BV, and none of their bags have impressed me at all. This is no exception. What were they thinking?

  • amy365

    Have you come across for handbags? In my experience, the quality and service are excellent.

  • me

    The first thing that came to mind when I saw this bag was ugh. It’s boring and the handles don’t match, its just like they were put there as an excuse to jack up the price.

  • Merve

    Claire i generally dont buy LV bags.

  • Julia

    What a funny contradiction! Sure is ash! This tote is sadly TOO dull for a Bottega Veneta.

  • Helen

    I bought it on sale in black for 200 it is it’s real price I think, it’s pretty big and for beach it passes everything in

  • Feng

    Three words:
    dull, boring, uninteresting

  • bunny

    i can NEVER understadn BV. in my country that woven design has been around for a hundred years. every single little non branded bag shop sells bags like that, some even in real leather, and i just cant justify buying a bag that looks like one every tom dick harry sally jane and mary has on the street for a price tag more than twenty times what they are carrying.

  • Kendra

    It’s gray and ugly. period. (fb)