Belen EchandiaI’m not even sure how I got to the site Belen Echandia, but it was somewhere in between my usual morning internet searching. I start every morning off checking out my own blog (as if I don’t know what is on here), then checking out my usual favorites, and all of a sudden I realize that I have clicked my way into the internet highway. If you could be lost on the internet, that is me every morning. Most of the time, I just stop- because I really end up down the wrong alley. Any of you find that your search for fashion or celeb’s turns into something you sooo were not looking for? Like blogs on some man’s sex life with his wife. Yup, happens to me often too (or wait, maybe it’s just me?? Please tell me it has happened to you before also?!). So this morning I found my way to a site new to me on some luxurious handbags and purses.

Belen Echandia is a company whose founder, Jackie Cawthra, started in London. Much of her ideas came from time she spent in Spain, taking on new colors and imagination. Her bags focus on quality and luxury. I ran into this site and really was drawn to the styles and colors offered. One bag I nabbed a liking for is the Belen Echandia ‘Take Me Anywhere’ Model no. 636. Yes, that is quite the mouthful. ‘Take Me Anywhere’ is the name of the collection. The designer has chosen to name collections with fun little phrases like this. This is a bigger bag for us women who love to carry our lives around with us, sizing up at H: 27 cm W: 40 cm. This bag has 3 zip compartments and 2 inside pockets. I especially love the G-Aqua Marine color on this bag. Divine! The bag goes for £347 (roughly $625) on Belen Echandia.

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  • Roy

    that’s a great bag!

  • lisa

    This is a great bag!

  • lmpsola

    Very cute bag! Don’t worry, you are not the only one who gets lost in the internet! Sometimes you don’t want to see what you got yourself into!

  • billyjoe

    Wow! That is and absolutely positively fabulously AwEsOme bag!

  • Camilla

    I agree – it is gorgeous. I bought one 3 months ago and it is perfection, I use it every day. The best bit is that I could choose the colour – where else do you get that?

  • billyjoe

    It’s really cool that you can choose a color, so far the turquoise blue is my favorite!

  • jasmyn

    i was thinking balenciaga for the whole time

  • alina

    its so great and i will buy (hope so)

  • Ruth

    It is not luxury! I believe cheap brands are missusing the ‘luxury’ word. There is nothing different about this bag that any Gap bag cannot provide. Customers are indeed fool!

  • Amber

    i just bought the Pink one! it should be here in a couple of days!!! i cant wait! :razz:

  • Naggy

    Every BE bag that I’ve seen is way, way boring including this one. (ipad)

  • KY

    Looks nice, the color is beautiful! (ipad)