Armani Collezioni Plisse Leather Tote

Let me again take the time to welcome me back. Welcome back me! I hope you all had a great weekend and are still enjoying all the leftovers. Lucky for me, South Florida missed me more than anything so of course I had to reintroduce myself to the mall, the beach, and the sun :-D. Now I’m back to all of you. Let’s all try to remember way back to the days of grade-school in art class. Did you ever do the 2-pictures in one? The one where you had the pictures fanned differently from each side so you could see one picture from one angle, and the other from a different angle? I’m thinking I didn’t explain this well enough, but it is just like the fans we all made. You got the piece of paper and folded in one way, then back the other, and next thing you knew you had a fan. Well these pictures were similar. Now I have found a bag that looks just like that style too (if you are lost, just keep smiling and blame it on all of the sun I got this weekend).

For a designer that is so huge, I have not mentioned Armani bags enough at all. The Armani Collezioni Plisse Leather Tote reminds me of the fans that I was talking about. Not that I don’t like the bag, but I don’t quite see how it is costing what it does. This funky fan pattern is derived from cognac (tan) plissé leather with natural canvas trim. Kinda a cool combo, and pretty much a different look. Golden hardware adds a little bling to the pattern along with the shoulder straps that attach to the bag with rings. This tote is big enough to use for an everyday tote and is simplistic enough to go with just about every outfit (12″H x 13 1/2″W x 5″D). Where I get a bit confused is the price tag. This bag is not strictly leather, and doesn’t have a whole lotta extra doo-dads to make me want to pay $1,460 for via Bergdorf Goodman. Blame it on my being broke, but this bag just seems a bit pricey for what they are offering (now that I look at it, it looks a little bit cheap or like some sort of foam rather than leather). What do you think?

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