It’s hard for contemporary designers to step outside of a contemporary price point without arousing ire from its customers. It stands to reason that a huge portion of the fans of a brand like Tory Burch appreciate the designer’s work because they feel like it provides a good value for their dollar or inhabits a price range with which they’re reasonably comfortable. When those brands attempt to push upward, not only do those fans sometimes not follow, but they often become vocally angry – how dare a brand get too big for its price-britches!

As you might have guessed from the title of this post, the Tory Burch Attersee Chevron Satchel, above, costs $995. The bag is rendered in suede and wool, replete with numerous tiny beads and a few larger stones to cap off the bag’s closure. It’s detailed, lush and on trend in a lot of ways for fall. It’s jewelry, a sweater and a handbag all rolled into one, and considered all the disparate elements, it pulls off the look fairly well. (I’m not so sure about the stones at the top, but other than that, it’s a beautifully intricate bag.) Fine materials don’t necessarily impress fans of contemporary brands, though, if the price is similarly fine. That’s not what they signed up for, after all, and snakeskin and fur ventures by brands like Coach prove that pretty well, at least in consumer reaction. One needs only peek inside our PurseForum to pick up on that vibe.

Despite the fact that I know this bag isn’t any more overpriced for what it is than any other bag on the market from a similar brand, I still couldn’t put my money down for it, even if I loved it. In my head, the perceived value of a Tory Burch bag tops out at about $600, and it would probably take a slow, steady climb for the brand to exceed that figure for me. What about you? Can you envision a Tory Burch bag that would make you part with a grand? Is this one it?

If so, pick up this bag for $995 via Saks.

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  • Canuck65

    Its very frustrating that everyone seems to be chasing the high end. I actually think its very challenging to come up with good designs at reasonable price points and very few brands do this well. Tory Burch and Coach are 2 brands that have historically done this well – why they think its necessary to start pushing $1000 bags is beyond me. In any event, this bag is far too busy for me and looks like it would be dated within a year. If I’m going to spend a $1000 on a bag, I want design and quality so that it will last and look stylish for several years.

    • Mya

      I totally agree that it may look dated within a year! Truth is even if it didn’t, there’s NO WAY im paying that much for Tory Burch, sorry.

    • Ashleyg

      It already looks dated to me- I don’t care if Hermes was stamped on the inside, there is no way it should ever cost that much no matter who made it. And I think the larger stones up top of the bag make it look kinda cheap- I mean, is that tiger’s eye or something?? I like Tory Burch but this is a fail at (almost) any price point.

    • sara

      I think this is happening because the LVs, etc., of the world keep upping their price points. (Some of them are approaching the cost of my first car which I bought in high school.) Why wouldn’t Tory Burch, etc., attempt to do the same? If I worked for them I believe I would give it a shot. What could it hurt to throw a few $1000 bags into the mix and see what happens?

      That said I am not a fan of this bag and am irritated in general with the unjustifiable pace prices are increasing in this market.

  • marina harbor

    I would NEVER pay $1000 for a Tory Burch! And sorry but I don’t like the bag and I would not even pay $500 for it!

  • Elbow

    Kate Spade also introduced a $995 bag, the Beau I believe it’s called. I wouldn’t even spend $600 on a Tory Burch OR a Kate Spade!

    • Yolibee

      The leather Beau is $498, the bag you’re thinking of is the leather and leopard version of the Beau and it’s flippin gorgeous. It’s also a signature bag and it’s retailing for $995. My friend that works there can’t even use her discount on it, so yeah, no thanks.

  • laura

    No, $1000 is too much for a Tory Burch bag, or any bag that looks like this. It looks tacky.

  • P

    Setting aside how hideous this bag is, I would like to know where is Tory Burch manufacturing this particular bag. I definitely would consider a better looking bag if they produced quality products unlike their cheap & shoddy Made in China quality that we have now. If this was made in Italy and was a fabulous looking one, I think we might warm up to the idea of an expensive TB bag.

  • Guest


  • Justyn M Liebert

    In the material world that we live in, exclusivity and high-end labels reign supreme. Every major designer house creates a range of products, in a spectrum of prices in order to increase sales. You have the ‘gateway’ bags which are generally canvas and are much less expensive, and then you have the bags made with luxe materials that are meant for a more discerning customer. Tory has clearly made a splash in the fashion world, and now that there are so many people wearing her designs, it’s a natural move to make an upper-level tier of merchandise for the die-hard, ( and more than likely wealthy) customers. Do i think that $1,000 is a good price for a handbag? Not really. But I DO think that $70,000 for a Birkin is more outrageous. But, it’s all about exclusivity. These bags become aspirations for people, something to work hard to be able to afford. Having something that beautiful, that well made, and knowing that fewer people are going to have it -it makes it more attractive. Like a luxury car, an Audi among Toyotas. They’re all cars, they all look nice, they all perform the same function, but I had to work just a little bit harder to be able to get the Audi.

  • Aurora

    I’m a member of the contemporary world with Coach, and I have to say that yes, bags pushing $1000 from lines like Coach, Tory Burch, Kate Spade and Michael Kors aren’t as appealing to the established clientele. However, that’s not to say that bags made from exotic materials, detailed leathers or fine embellishments don’t succeed in the contemporary market. It’s mentioned in this blog that snakeskin and fur ventures are not received well from brands like Coach, but I know that some of my fellow “Coachies” clamor for python, python embossed or haircalf bags. Yes, many wait until they hit lower prices at outlets or department stores, but there are definitely those who buy embellished bags at full price.

    That said, this Tory Burch bag is not worth $1000 to me. $1000 should exude class and sophistication — the rhinestones at the top of this bag exude teenager sparkles. Without that, the rest of the bag would be stunning. Maybe not $1000 worth of stunning, but stunning nonetheless.

  • Courtney

    I can’t get past the penguin flippers on both sides. I know that “Winged” bags are in, but there is something seriously off with these “Wings”.

  • Seejayluvsbags

    I saw the caption & didn’t even bother reading the article……Neeeeeeevvvvvvvaaaaaaa is my answer…..

  • Maya


  • FashionableLena

    I wouldn’t pay that much for a Tory Burch. I have never even equated the label with being high end. Nothing about this bag speaks luxe. To be honest, I refused to pay $600 for the Robinson.

  • vesper

    Hell to the NO! Not forking out a grand to buy a “wannabe” high end purse made in China.

  • Tora

    That bag looks like something made by a kid in arts and crafts. A somewhat skilled kid perhaps, but still no more than 10 years old.

    The highest quality clothing when it comes to wear and tear seldom sells for over a 100 bucks. Less if bought second hand, which isn’t a problem if it’s quality stuff.

    Anyone paying that kind of money for a bag must be incredibly stupid.
    Or compensating, or insecure. Of course you should be nice to people regardless of their mental deficiency. But they are still the reason there is so much poverty in the world.