I’ve not been posting much, and it’s because another major change has been going on. As many of you know Vlad and I spend most of our time in South Florida. Zika virus has been impacting the South Florida area with local cases that started to spring up, and while I’m not someone who typically worries much, Zika does worry me since I’m pregnant. Long story short we had to both be tested for Zika because we were in the zones that had cases and thankfully we are both negative. In order to avoid the constant stress of trying to ward of mosquitos (a fairly impossible task in Florida!), we decided to head up to NYC and get out of the Zika zone.

As of now we may be here for a month to just relax a little or until I deliver. We’re lucky we have a flexible job that allows us to move around if needed and now I’m able to go outside for walks in Central Park and not be totally paranoid! So not that you have that update, I can get back to chatting about everything else we love!

Being in NYC is such a huge reminder of the need for a great everyday bag. I have plenty of bags that work well for NYC life and have found that a great light-weight tote is a must-have if you are on the move often. It’s easy to pack your daily essentials and if you’re like me, you carry a bit more than needed. Sometimes when I have a long day, my tote bag has a smaller bag inside to take to a meeting later and even a change of shoes.

While the Louis Vuitton Neverfull is probably one of the most sought after options when it comes to an everyday tote, many brands have similar options. I stumbled upon the Tory Burch Perry Tote and it grabbed my attention.

I immediately recognized the bag as Tory Burch, but the logo is small and the bag is straightforward. The grained leather is sturdy and will hold up well and the top handles are both thin and flat with a 9″ drop (which will fit nicely on your shoulder). I love the pink interior which works well with the french gray hued exterior. There is a snap closure that helps secure the open top, which is a perk for a tote, and the interior features two slip pockets. Dimensions are 11″H x 14.8″W x 6″D. Buy via Neiman Marcus for $395.

Tory Burch Perry Tote 1

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  • Michelle

    I’m so glad you and your baby are safe and free of Zika.

  • Amanda

    I live in South Florida too, so I don’t blame you for being cautious! Luckily I’m not in the “danger zone”, but it’s still a very real threat. Avoiding mosquitos in the tropics in August is impossible! Glad to you and your family are Zika free and safe in NY!

    • Ah yes, so you get how hard it is to avoid mosquitos! We don’t live in either of the zones but we had both visited them and had to be tested – it was scary!

      I was wearing long sleeve shirts and pants and bug spray and STILL got bit on my knuckle and one day thru my pants on my knee!!!

  • psny15

    Tory Burch may have some good designs some time but the bags done age well, they are machine made, poor quality MADE IN CHINA crap.

    I would much rather buy a tommy hillfiger for 30$ than buy 300$ tory burch crap

    The way these aspirational brands get you is that middle America and younger girls think tory burch is a high end product when it really is not.

    • Yazi

      That’s very true about the designs not aging well. I was disappointed by a TB bag I bought once, it wasn’t a classic design unfortunately.

      • I haven’t had that problem with Tory Burch bags, but I also change my bags out often…

      • Jennifer McGee

        Ditto. My TB bags (and shoes) have aged extremely well. Like you, I’m meticulous with my bags.

  • Yoshi1296

    Glad y’all are safe from Zika. I’m happy you made a post about the Perry tote.It has been getting a lot of attention recently and after finally seeing it in person on Monday, i was hooked! The bag is wonderful!

    • Ah good, glad you like the bag too!! I think it’s really beautiful!

  • Aurore de La Gorce

    I’m so glad you are safe, Megs. Zika is a terrible threat. You’re not paranoid, you’re realistic.

    Please always trust your maternal instinct, even when the doctors do not believe you. You’re the mother, you’re the one who knows.

    • For the peace of mind, this has been well worth it! I do know there still aren’t tons of cases in Florida, but I’d hate to have anything happen to me or the baby when I was able to go elsewhere.

      Someday I’ll have lots of stories for this little one!

      • Aurore de La Gorce

        Oh yes it is well worth it !

        Friends of my in-laws have been impacted by Zika when the wife was pregnant. It had terrible repercussions on the baby. It’s the worst thing ever, they know it could have been so different, for it happened on vacation.

        Well, enough with this nightmare. I hope your pregnancy is still going well and your little girl is not kicking you too hard ! Does she dance on some musics she hears ?

      • Oh really?! That is devastating and precisely what I am avoiding.

        She kicks SUPER hard and is really active! She doesn’t dance to music, she just dances off and on all day long!

  • Mayelin Axelsson

    Glad you are safe. Please take care of yourself. as Aurore de la Gorce said, you’re realistic.

    In Sweden we don’t have as much options as you can have in other countries but I do really like The Perry tote. I was considering Bally but nothing decided yet.

    • Thank you! We are really lucky we’re able to leave, not everyone else is afforded that luxury!

      I’m going to work with Bally more to share some of their bags soon – stay tuned!

  • Vicky

    Glad to hear that you’re safe. I hope everything is ok. :)

    • Thank you!! All is good! It’s less stress being out of Miami area and just being able to go outside without worrying too much!

  • laura

    I’m glad you’re safe and Zika-free. Another leather alternative is the Saint Laurent shopping tote. It’s more expensive but much nicer… I love mine… more than my Neverfull.

  • Jennifer McGee

    Megs – I’m glad you are out of harm’s way. New York this time of year is pretty nice. Thanks for sharing the info on the Perry tote. It really is a beautiful bag with interim pockets and all. I may add this to my birthday wish list.


    All the very best Megs and Vlad for the arrival of the baby! Have you thought of names? Here are my suggestions: