Chanel    Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: The Chanel Medallion Tote

This discontinued bag is one of my favorites in my collection.

Let’s journey back to 2006. It was a time of Juicy Couture track suits, belted tops, and hip-hugging capri pants. The Hills was one of the most popular television shows on the air. I was an avid fan of the show and Lauren Conrad was my personal idol. I will never forget the pinnacle moment when Lauren’s then-boyfriend, Jason Wahler, gave her the ultimate gift on-screen…a Chanel bag. As an 18 year old college student living off of Easy Mac and Hot Pockets, I had no idea what the style of the bag was at the time, but I knew I wanted it. I am happy to report I can now tell you that it was the Chanel Medallion Tote. Lauren was photographed wearing the iconic tote for years, showcasing the bag as the perfect everyday tote.

Chanel discontinued the Medallion Tote several years back, but I purchased one from Fashionphile three years ago. My only Chanel, I often refer to it as the crown jewel of my collection. It has to be one of my favorite bags I own. My only gripe with it is that it’s very tight when I wear it under my arm, so I have to carry it by hand or in the crook of my arm. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it can be annoying when I’m on the go. The Medallion Tote can be dressed up or down, and I often wear mine with a pair of jeans and basic T-shirt. Even in a basic outfit, my look is instantly elevated with the Medallion Tote on my arm.

Named after the bag’s iconic charm zipper pull, the Medallion Tote is the perfect size. The measurements are approximately 12.5 x 10 x 6 inches with a 6.5 inch handle drop. I adore the size—it can fit all of my items with room to spare (and I carry a lot!). I really like that this bag can be zipped shut, which the majority of my tote bags cannot. The exterior is made from Chanel’s iconic caviar leather, and it is seriously one of the most durable leathers I’ve ever worn. The bag is also lined in leather, which makes this bag feel luxurious. It also means it is a bit on the heavier side, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

As mentioned, this bag was discontinued a few years ago. Luckily for anyone looking to add one to their collection, the Medallion Tote is abundant on the resale market. If you were thinking about adding one to your collection, let this be your sign that you totally should!

Shop the Medallion Tote via Vestiare Collective and Shopbop.


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