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  • Ness

    How convenient every bag is one of their clients…..lame. I hate fake setups like this.

    • kindled

      My exact thoughts. I wonder what bags they carry (and clothes they wear) when they aren’t being photographed for a feature!

      • kingbitch

        No one (especially in fashion) wants to look basic for the camera.

    • Katrina

      I was yawning after the third Loeffer Randall bag:)
      What I would really love to see are the what we wear to work bags of PB team-wouldn’t that be a treat?!

    • yep

      Totally had the same reaction. Not too subtle. Would love to see more NON-promotionsl blog posts on this blog and others.

      • PJGambler

        “Can’t put one over on the goob…” guess they think we’re really stupid and gullible!!

      • Guest

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    • PJGambler

      Disappointed me that they wouldn’t realize how overt this is.

    • Truly, I don’t think believe this is a fake setup. If I were to work at a certain brand or represent certain clients, I would absolutely be wearing/carrying what I represent.

      I am sure many of these girls and guys have different items in their closets as well, but this is what they had on the day we were there to photograph and I think it makes absolute sense to be fans of the brands they represent :)

      • Mel


    • Aoedele

      Agreed! Why would they carry clutches at work, one of my biggest pet peeves.

  • AshleyG

    …well, this post contains some of the best handwriting I’ve seen on this site…

  • FashionableLena

    I refuse to believe that those women carry Rauwolf and Edie Parker clutches to work. I’ve seen those things in person. Beautiful but impractical for daily use.

    • kingbitch

      It is possible these girls bring them to work and wear them to drinks after………..

      • FashionableLena

        Still not buying it.

  • Newyorking

    I don’t blame them for posing with their own brands. It is obviously a fake set-up, but if I worked there and was told by the founder that PB is coming to take pics, I totally would yield to the pressure and have the company’s bag lest the founder get mad at me. When I worked in beauty, the CMO said that we all should use the company products at every event. Prior to that, when I worked in retail, whenever we presented to the CEO I always wore company clothing. I was too scared to wear anything else. But I didn’t like how the beauty company’s CMO “forced” us to wear company products. In beauty there is no way to tell, but she pushed it in every meeting and event. So I don’t blame the employees for carrying the company bag, I would do the same! Mainly because I wouldn’t want the owner to say anything negative. And if I were the owner I too would not want other brands displayed in a feature about me. But as a reader this is a big turn-off because clearly it is fake.

    • We have worked with different brands/companies/magazines to bring you ‘Many Bags Of’ features and each one will be a bit different. I’d love to do one on a designer brand (say Rebecca Minkoff and her team), but of course you will only see RM bags and that would be expected! I want to showcase different people’s styles and that is what this feature is doing.

      I think it makes complete sense that people are wearing and carrying brands they work with. If I worked with a certain brand I’m sure I would be a fan of them and carry their items/wear their clothing ya know?

      I know a few of the people we featured above and I promise you each time they have bags from the brands they work with and overall this is their style – which is important too!

    • Kagem

      You summed it up nicely, but they could have mixed a few non-brands perhaps. Like a bag from a client and a wallet from a non-client

  • I need a handbag.

  • Liliali

    Why don’t think this way? Bags have been given as gifts , why buy new ones?!! They have save the money for the role end and cartiers on their hands!

  • Liliali

    Sorry Rolex and Cartier !

  • ottercat

    HA!!! Pimping out the clients like a good girl should.

  • Ashi Selma

    Awesome bags collection, thanks for sharing with us.

  • BOOM

    awesome spread and beautiful people REPRESENTING THE CLIENTS THEY LOVE AND THE PIECES THEY ADORN AS A RESULT! having the honor of working with top designers means wearing what they create and what you have privileged access to. and they look damn good doing it.

    the rest is nonsense……

  • Krupp Group

    Echo’ing Megs in that we genuinely love all of our clients collections! We are privileged to hand pick the designers we represent and we only take on clients we feel passionate about. You will always see us repping our clients both on and off-duty!

  • Roberta Murphy

    !!!!!Fantastico!!! Keep up the good work Krupcakes!!!!

  • avi