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  • claystorm

    so many bag!

  • Sarah

    Wow! You guys knocked it out of the park, this is an awesome post!

    • Vlad Dusil

      Thanks much, we had a lot of fun shooting at the inStyle offices over two days. Everyone was so lovely, accommodating and patient!

    • david61350137

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  • missarewa

    so many gorgeous bags!!! the fendi by the way bag is breathtaking!

  • c.Miller

    So much Saint Laurent!

    • Mya Wilkes

      I know right??!! I was thinking the same thing.

  • Sofia

    So many saint Laurents! I’ve noticed they look very similar to Hermes bags

  • jessica

    fantastic post! great to see what bags people carry to work

  • HfromtT

    This has to be one of my favorite PB posts ever!!! Please keep them coming!

  • As if it hasn’t been said already…but I love these posts of real working women (even if we don’t all work for a fashion mag) with their own bags.

  • Jenn

    I love these posts! So interesting to learn what those who actually work in fashion wear. Love the Furla!

  • JJ

    Every time I see that Max Mara J bag, I’m drawn to it. It doesn’t seen like it gets a lot of attention, but its such a gorgeous bag. I’m gonna have to check that out.

  • Jen

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Thank you so much for this delightful post after a hard day of work. :-)

  • Zezza

    Great article guys. What was great there were no birkins! St Laurent all the way……

  • Jennifer

    Yes, great post! I’d love to see more ‘professional’ women features.

  • MariaQ

    I have to admit that the men have really stood out, absolutely love the rucksac and boots EJ! Great article!…first time commentor :)

    • Thanks for commenting!! Yes, the men brought it!

    • Doris T

      Loved EJ’s rucksack too and Judy’s baby sac du jour

  • Mya Wilkes

    What a refreshing post! Nice one PB. In Style’s def got love for Saint Laurent. Love the Chanel Boy!

  • Marnie

    Nice bags, but am a bit disappointed, I expected more spectacular bags.

  • Steffi

    Love the post!

  • Saymama

    Love this post! Love all the bags & the fashion! Great pictures & always love the real handwriting part (people just don’t “write” anymore). My favorite ever! Real people, with real jobs, everyday fashion, real “realities”! The celeb stuff gets old sometimes!

  • Halim Amin

    The photos are nice but the bags are like show pieces, it is too hard to decipher true personality. What no Chloe Alice?

  • Polly

    Hey guys! I’m desperately in love with Moujik Crocodile-Embossed in Bordeaux. I’ve heard it’s been kind of hard to find it in stores.. does anyone know if it’s limited edition, made for this collection only? I’m going to US only in April, and I wonder if it will still be available then…