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L.A.M.B. Darjeeling Shimia ToteI wrote on Purse Blog at the end of last year that I just wasn’t in to bicolor or multicolor bags. Not my thing. Too much going on, too hard to match to stuff, etc. I often make these sweeping generalizations and then have to go back on my words later, and that’s exactly what the L.A.M.B. Darjeeling Shimia Tote is forcing me to do. The odd thing is, I normally have the same reaction to L.A.M.B. bags in general – too much going on, too hard to match to stuff, etc. But this bag? This one is quite lovely, indeed. The contrast of the colors is done in a fresh, sleek way and despite the fact that they’re an unexpected combination, they totally work. The shapes are simple and create an easy, geometric area of visual interest, and it wouldn’t take much to create a bag with these elements that was FAR too busy, but somehow, L.A.M.B. keeps this one just simple enough to be chic. It’s a fine line to toe, and they’ve impressed me with their ability to stay on the right side of it with this bag. Buy through Shop Bop for $595.