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Ananas Samantha Small Tote

White handbags or handbags with some sort of white accenting are always tricky for me. I worry that my sometimes clumsy ways might result in a dirty handbag right after the first use. Light colored handbags can be downright gorgeous, I just need to work on being able to keep them clean. I mean, I am a grown up, so it shouldn’t be that hard, right? Well, the Ananas Smantha Small Tote is definitely a purse I’d love to carry. The wooden hardware and embellishments offer an earthy-organic feel to the shimmery silver sueded leather handbag. This is just one of those handbags that puts a smile on my face. Nothing too flashy, yet, absolutely gorgeous and fun. I can see myself carrying this for quite some time and I promise to try and keep it looking good as new. Buy through Luna Boston for $345.