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The Best Street Style Bags At Copenhagen Fashion Week

Rare and covetable designs galore!

Long gone are the days when fashion’s ‘Big 4’ (New York, London, Paris and Milan) exclusively ruled the street style scene as a quadruple. With more and more cities hosting prominent fashion weeks, many new fashionable locales have raised their street style game. Copenhagen is one such fashion hotspot. Denmark’s capital has become THE city for the fashion crowd to flaunt their best street style looks – bags included. Showgoers typically favor ultra chic and suave avant-garde-esque European style. And after what feels like an eternity of digital seasons, the Copenhagen street style squad was back in full force as physical shows returned, along with a sprinkling of digital events. For Copenhagen Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion Week, rare bags new and old joined a cohort of other captivating styles on the arms of attendees. Take a look below at our favorite bags.

Loewe Basket Bag

In the true spirit of the Spring/Summer fashion season, one showgoer carried her fashion week essentials in Loewe’s popular Basket Bag. Constructed from handwoven palm leaves, this bag is more beach than city streets but that doesn’t make it any less of a stylish fashion week companion.

Loewe Basket Bag

Balenciaga Le Cagole Shoulder Bag

You would be forgiven for assuming the Balenciaga Le Cagole Shoulder Bag was a recently unearthed Y2K gem. Afterall, it has all of the turn of the millennium staple handbag features – maximalist design, over-embellished with studs, croissant style shape, and it looks like it belongs on the arm of a 2004 teen rom-com villain. But Balenciaga’s Le Cagole Shoulder Bag was actually released as part of the house’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection – we were shocked too! The early ‘00s resemblance is no accident. The design was inspired by Balenciaga’s famous assortment of Motorcycle bags which rose to prominence during the early ‘00s. The popularity of the style was helped along by none other than supermodel Kate Moss when she was papped carrying the Motorcycle City Bag.

The new Le Cagole is essentially an almighty rush of Y2K endorphins since it combines the covetable Motorcycle design with the early ‘00s shoulder bag style. The bag can be worn over the shoulder or crossbody for an ultra sleek look. The style appeared on the streets of Copenhagen in this season’s must-have shade – parakeet green.

Balenciaga Moto Bag

Prada Crystal Satin Shoulder Bag

Prada’s shoulder bag is an undisputed fashion staple. And when a bag reaches this level of prestige, there’s really only one thing left to do – cover it in faux crystals! This artificial crystal embellished design from Prada is definitely the most dazzling of all the Prada shoulder bags.

Prada Crystal Bag

Dior Rasta Pochette

This vintage Y2K Dior bag was among the most striking pieces of Copenhagen street style this fashion week. Part of John Galliano’s 2004 Rastafari-inspired capsule collection for Dior, the rectangular shoulder bag features the house’s Oblique canvas in brown and tan hues complete with red, gold and green stripes and a red strap. Galliano took inspiration from the religious and social movement of Rastafarianism which developed in Jamaica for the now iconic early ‘00s collection.

Dior Rasta Bag

Brandon Blackwood End Systemic Racism Bag

Designer Brandon Blackwood’s End Systemic Racism Bag rose to acclaim last year in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests. His socially relevant mini tote went viral online before catching the attention of Kim Kardashian. Commonly referred to as the ESR Tote, the design’s structured square shape, countless color and material options and, of course, all-important message have helped make the mini bag a big hit. Blackwood is part of a new generation of designers using fashion to bring awareness to critical social issues.

Brandon Blackwood Bag

Fendi Croissant

Yet another early ‘00s-inspired style met the Copenhagen Fashion Week street style requirements. The newly revived Fendi Croissant made an appearance on the city’s streets on the arm of one fashionable attendee. The hobo style design is a Y2K classic however the revival’s sleek black leather finish gives the bag a modern feel.

Fendi Croissant

Chanel 19 Round Clutch With Chain

Enough with pastry-shaped designs. This pink circular style adorned with sequins was the perfect final touch to one showgoer’s pink-themed outfit. The bag features Chanel’s signature leather interwoven chain as a crossbody carry option, along with a short chunky chain top handle.

Chanel 19 Round Bag

Disney x Gucci Bucket Bag

Animation met high fashion with the launch of the Disney x Gucci line to celebrate Lunar New Year in 2020. Some of Gucci’s classic designs were given the House of Mouse treatment. A handful of the collection’s canvas styles feature Mickey Mouse in miniature form repeatedly adorned onto the GG canvas pattern. This bucket bag, on the other hand, is much more ostentatious in its display of Disney love. It features a cartoon of the iconic character in the centre of the bag.

Gucci Mickey Mouse Bag

Telfar Shopping Bag

Is one big Telfar Shopping Bag easier to acquire than lots of little ones? If only! It wouldn’t be fashion week street style without the appearance of this cult bag. Smaller versions of the covetable design are typically the bag of choice for showgoers fortunate enough to have obtained the popular piece. However, a large version of the bag was spotted being carried crossbody by one attendee.

Telfar Tote

Hermès Tufted H Tote

It’s easy to be blinded by the dazzle of the Birkin and Kelly bags when thinking of Hermès but the house has many other designs worthy of bag aficionados’ attention. One such style graced the streets of Copenhagen this fashion week. The Tufted H Tote was released for Spring/Summer 2021 and sports a reimagined take on the house’s H en biais motif from the ‘70s. This care-free summer tote appears in blue gradient tones and perfectly completed one individual’s blue monochrome ensemble.

Hermes Tuffted
[all images via StyleDuMonde/Vogue]


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2 years ago

The fendi croissant looks the most polished.

2 years ago

Interesting fashion choices; Idk if I like them or love them. I feel that someone with a big personality & lots of charisma can pull them off.

2 years ago

I don’t think Loewe basket bag were a beach bag.

2 years ago

Love this post and all the ladies look beautiful ??????????