Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the whole PurseBlog staff! Stay warm, safe and out of trouble! And don’t overdo the tasty treats like I did last night…

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  • lyns aka outtacontrol (in the sub forums lol)

    This picture is gorgeous! Thanks Vlad & Megs! Happy Halloween!! xo

  • Lea

    Megs, what made you choose that particular size/color/leather/hardware for the birkin?

    • A Black Birkin had always been on my list of Hermes bags that I wanted. I am 5’10, so 35cm is actually a great size for me. My 30cm BJ Birkin is ‘dressier’ for me since it holds its shape, is smaller, and compact.

      I wanted this Birkin to be casual, everyday perfect. Clemence leather is very slouchy, but I love that about the bag. I want this to be a laid-back feel. So then I was trying to decide between PH and Gold hardware. I think the GH dresses the bag up a bit, so I chose PH.

      That is pretty much how I ended up with that!

      • lea

        Awesome choice!! You should take some action shots w the bag opened/closed/sides out/sides in lol.

      • Devinekmt

        Who knew Halloween could be so chic? Lovely!

      • farrah

        dear meg,
        its farah here. being a handbag lover myself i came across this website and i think its brilliant. all the comments helped me narrow my choices big time. your hermes collection is lovely though i cant help but wonder, how much did you actually pay for you hermes?? if you dont mind me asking :)

  • Pandor@

    Ahw, beautiful!


  • michele


  • Penny

    Gorgeous photo Vlad! Now that is the PERFECT fall pic! :)

  • Penny

    BTW . . . Megs, perfect choice on the Birkin :).

  • Paulina

    So beautiful!

  • Winnie

    Happy Halloween to everyone !!! Awesome picture. Hermes is always my first choice ^^

  • PhotoGirl

    I covet that black Birkin bag. Seriously.

  • Mommy needs a new bag

    Lovely picture, Vlad. Megs, congrats on your recent Birkin addition – she’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  • indi3r4

    loving the picture!
    Happy Halloween…

  • aliysiah

    I want that orange Birkin Clutch… BADLY!
    It’s like, the one and only Hermes bag I could ever wish for.. hehe.

    The photograph is absolutely beautiful. Very fitting for both Halloween and the Fall season. It’s gorgeous!! Thank you so much for sharing your stunning pictures. <3

  • Marissa Cooper

    Picture perfect! *faints*

  • debs

    loving the orange and black together, I am lucky enough to own a 40cm black Birkin and i actually treat it like a child!!! it is always with me, and many people get very envious though so I guard it with my life..love the orange clutch though, will now be on my wish list for xmas xx

  • sndc99

    Wonderful picture again Vlad and Megs you are sooooooo lucky to have a wonderful husband that lets you buy what you want. Even if I could afford it my husband would give me that look. Enjoy

  • Anna Cooperberg Gzz.

    Again, what a super photo! This 35cm is indeed quite photogenic ;)

  • PyAri

    Absolutely gorgeous bag and great pic.

  • Michael St. James

    stunning picture!

  • yslsuperlover

    still jealous…. hahahaa

  • Livia

    Gorgeous pic, Vlad! Happy Halloween to everyone in the PurseBlog staff.

  • kirsten

    i’d like to trick or treat with those!

    {uninhibited fashion}

  • Jennifer

    Love it!!

  • HandbagReport

    Love it! What a beautiful picture!!

  • Urooj

    This is too cute!

  • Jeanette

    awww cuuuute :)

  • The Girl in Grey

    Gosh I love this photograph!

  • michelle

    That’s the best representation of my favorite holiday I have ever seen!