Wife and PurseBlog editor Megs alongside our lovely intern Anna. Anna’s monogrammed Goyard was an instant favorite of ours.

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  • Adorable! Hi y’all!

  • Judy

    Vlad, this image is so beautifully evocative of fall in NYC. You are a gifted artist.

  • Jenna

    Beautifully composed picture. I don’t know how to do it, but if you showed just the blue in the Birkin, that would be cool, too.

  • Anna Cooperberg

    Yay! A Birkin plus a Goyard paints a lovely picture indeed.

  • karolynka

    your pictures evoke poetry..you’re amazing at it! and i can’t wait to vist nyc one day..

  • amante

    very discretely luxurious, i think.

  • michele

    Great Picture Vlad..and oh, beautiful bags!!

  • otter


  • bagaddict

    with regards to the picture composition – yes its admirable; with regards to the bags theres nothing special bout the structure of the large hobo with the monogrm printing; take it from the bag snobs its the architecture of the purse that makes the bag (logoes are out)

    • Good thing we’re not the Bag Snobs then :-)

    • modecrew

      bagaddict, props! there’s an art to a handbag – shape, quality and functionality, which is often ruined by a vulgar monogram plastered all over it. some designs are just so boring that if they didn’t have monogram or logo, they’d never get sold…

  • Sweet Pea

    Beautiful picture!!! I love the Monogrammed Goyard!!!! Take it from another bag snobs, logos are definitely not out, it is only a choice of preference.

  • Kelly

    Great peaceful Fall picture, oh NYC

  • Jane H.

    Megs is really tall :)

  • dierregi

    Nice photo, love Megs silohuette because is perfectly proportionate. Anna’s bag is too big for her, looks like she is carry everything and the kitchen sink. Not very elegant.

    • Anna Cooperberg

      I am! Haha, I have midterms this week, so I’m carrying some binders and at least six or eight books with me :) When I do not fill it to the maximum, it’s much more slouchy and beautiful.

      • Jennifer

        You sound jealous.

  • spanish moss

    love walkin’ away shots! love the squareness of the coats/birkin offset by the plumpness of the goyard/g

  • Bex

    Love that goyard on her! I wish we had a goyard sub forum in TPF. love the birkin too!

  • Liz G.

    Love the black & white picture!!! Is this with a Lens Baby? You take amazing pictures!

  • Sher

    Love the picture! A real fashion shot in NYC. Some of the Goyard bags are really beautiful and classics. I am not crazy about the Goyard St Louis tote, but they are practical for some people. The same goes for Louis Vuitton. Sadly, fake LV monogram’s have deminished the brand somewhat. I haven’t seen fake Goyard, but they may be out there.

  • dailyfashionista

    so many fake Goyard’s in the Philippines, however lovely pics !

  • krissy

    sadly, not only in the philippines, hk and korea too… nice picture! love that goyard bag! lovin the birkin better!

  • SnoopDog

    A blue jean birkin with a black coat and black boots……