Valentino White Zebra Pony Hair Shoulder BagMany little girls love Zebras. Actually, many people in general love Zebras. They look like your average horse, but they sure are not. There are colored stripes! I think a Zebra is as close to a Unicorn that we can get. A Unicorn would be super cool with the horn and maybe the ability to fly, but the Zebra is a sure runner-up. Animal prints come and go with seasons and new styles, but there are always the ladies who are more than capable to pull off the look. The Valentino White Zebra Pony Hair Shoulder Bag is a bold styled bag with alot of character. For all of you who would hate to see a Zebra be killed for this bag, you are in luck. The bag is made of pony hair and leather. All of you who love ponies and cows, you are out of luck. The exterior is made of the soft pony hair in a white/black Zebra stripe pattern. The top is a patent leather snap closure which coyly is over the front pocket with the signature ‘V’ logo appliqué. Both the trim on the sides and the shoulder straps are made of patent leather. This bag measures approximately 10 inches wide x 5 inches tall x 2 inches deep. If you dig the bold statement, you can buy this via Bluefly for $715.


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