There isn’t a massive amount of completely fabric, bohemian handbags out there. Being one of the few people who embrace this style of handbags, it’s apparent why I was so drawn to this Simone Camille Handmade Vintage 2-Tier Handbag. Well, I suppose this particular bag isn’t so obscure; Nicole Richie has been spotted wearing it multiple times, after all.

The bag is made entirely by hand by famed stylist Simone Harouche, who’s known for her singular ability to transform and style stars with looks they’ve never imagined; witness Christina Aguilera’s Back to Basics Tour. But clearly she has a fun sense of color and whimsy, contributing to this boho gem.

Simone Camille Vintage 2 Tier Handbag

Apparently, looking for something different in the handbag world, Simone made a few of these bags for her and her pals and then it just took off. It’s simple understand why; besides the current fascination with all that’s gypsy or prairie-related, the perfect mixture of seemingly mashed-up vintage textiles coalesce to form a patchwork design that’s so quirkily fantastic it’s probably possible to wear with almost anything, provided you have the courage and the eye for combining the colors of all the crayons in the box. And let’s not forget the art-box and oriental details; the mirror paillettes, poofy poms, and bursts of embroidery make this an artsy step up from any other flower-child-esque bag. Buy through Ron Herman for $1,495.

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  • poodle

    $1500 for that???!??!?? hahahaha…thats funny!!!!

  • kemilia

    I agree–$1500? But that is what a BBag can cost so maybe it is not a big deal to the likes of Nicole R.

  • FashionIsMyHobby

    Cute bag for my 7 year old niece.

  • Claire

    Looks like something you’d buy on Etsy.

  • Terri

    Claire you hit it on the nose!! Either that or it looks like an LSD flashback! Different strokes for different folks, I guess?

  • duval ghalia

    he simone i am Soussou s daughter i love your bags and wish you to success for your new projects and kisses et un grand merde

  • PD

    LOL, Indian craftsmen have have been selling these in the streets of Delhi and Mumbai to tourists for under 10 USD for years. Someone needs to be out of their mind to be paying 1000+USD for this. Maybe I should sell a few of mine on ebay :P

  • handbag hanger

    Very colorful bag, but I guess $ 1,500 is much for this kind.

  • brenn

    Say what you wanna but Fred Segal (Ron Herman) in West Hollywood only had two of these bags left. Hmmmmmm.

  • Barbara

    I saw one at Fred Segal’s this past November and it was so beautiful I wish I had the $$$ to have bought it

  • Amy

    These type of handbags are available online for about $200. One of the few places to be selling them is

  • Vhe

    Bags that I’m selling are the big ones for $350 – $500, depending on the designs. I’ll post again on when will it be available again. I only have one left but it’s reserved already.