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  • Rada

    I think the Luggage and Phantom Luggage are handbag classics. The croc stamped one in particular is so handsome and chic that it feels like it will withstand trends, if it hasn’t already IMHO. I guess I prefer bags over shoes just because of their higher resalability. The only issue I can see is one you pointed out, how comfortable will you be carrying a top handle bag should you choose to use it regularly and will you be alright with not using it as regularly should you find carrying top handle bags more cumbersome. I say go for the bag!

    • Margarette Peterson

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  • Lily

    Neither…. both the shoes and the bag are played out.

    • Jen


      • laura

        That’s exactly what I was going to say. Get a Valentino Rockstud bag instead.

      • Lily

        I would stay away from the Rockstud bags, as most are just plain tacky.

      • Kate

        I love the Rockstud bags. To each his own. Fashion, like all art, is subjective, and in particular it’s a matter of self-expression.

      • Katherine Callaghan

        Absolutely! Couldn’t have said it better myself!

    • JHH

      Oh my, I was going to say the same thing.

    • Kate

      Except the writer specifically acknowledges that the bag is no longer as popular as it once was and may not have “staying power,” and she states that this doesn’t matter to her. Since it’s not important to her whether she’s sporting the latest trend, I doubt either item’s being “played out” would sway her. Reading comprehension skills are important.

      • T Tara Bagnista

        She also expressed concern about the lack of a shoulder strap, which is unrelated to the bag being “played out” or not.

    • Smithy

      I hate to say it — I’m going to go with neither as well. Those shoes are so overdone and so overly copied that whenever I see someone wearing them, I assume they’re quite possibly knock-offs. The bag is fine, but for the price, I’d invest in something else.

      • MichelleKW

        I was in two department stores yesterday and so many people were trying those shoes on that I was over them by the time I left, until I saw a woman walking in them. They are beautiful, but shoes don’t last the way handbags do. It’s so easy to take one misstep and you have a scuff or heel mark. Sigh. I wouldn’t be able to handle the top handle bag in the crook of my arm for very long. It’s pretty, but if it is going to end up sitting in your closet, you might regret the decision and end up longing for another bag that you love that you can get full use from.

  • Andrea Barraco

    I love the shoes. I have two pair and I wear them all the time. They are so comfortable, I could run in them! well-not far but i could..haha
    The purse- I’m wondering if it is going to go out soon. I thought that maybe about the shoes but they keep coming out with more colors and styles so I say keep the shoes. If you are going to invest in a bag get a chanel, because that will never go out. but you can get that at your next splurge…

  • Lisa

    If you are feeling “meh” over the shoes, then your heart has already told you which item you really want. If you can afford the purse and it will make you happy, I say go for it.

  • Kate

    The Celine luggage and phantom bags are on the precipice of being totally over, but that doesn’t matter to the writer. (Nor should it. I think you should buy what you love, regardless of trends.) I bought the Phantom in antique blue and sold it after a few months because it was so heavy, even when it was empty. I find it to be a woefully impractical bag – utterly huge and heavy and almost impossible to carry when filled due to the lack of a shoulder strap. The handles would leave deep marks on the skin of my forearms whenever I carried it. No matter how much I removed from the bag in an attempt to make it lighter, after a little while of carrying it my shoulder would inevitably start to hurt. Now that I really think about it, God I hated that bag! I found it unusable. (I should also add that I’m a petite 5’2″ who wears a size 0, so I probably had no business trying to carry a bag of that size in the first place!) On the other hand, I think the writer loves it and already has her mind made up and just wants reassurance. So, if the shoes aren’t giving you that sense of euphoria you want from the purchase of your one major luxury item this year, then buy the bag. I like the Rockstud pumps quite a lot, but I do find them over-priced. I find all of Celine’s bags overpriced as well, but over-paying for a great handbag is more palatable to me personally than over-paying for shoes.

  • Alice

    I am a handbag person through and through. I don’t like spending a large sum of money on shoes that get dirty with each wearing. I don’t have many shoes over 5-6 years old except for special occasion shoes that have barely been worn. I do have purses that I still love that are much, much older than that. Also, I live in Los Angeles and prefer top handle bags that I can slip on my forearm. Early in my career I carried a briefcase that had a shoulder strap and the weight soon became an issue. And, in Los Angeles most of us drive except for exercise walks. I definitely would buy the Celine Phantom Luggage tote.

  • cbl


  • T Tara Bagnista

    Only once a year? :-) Ditto on none of the above. For that price for the shoes, I’d have to be able to wear them more often than I suspect you’ll wear those. The bag is not fresh; however, I would go with a bag, though. Why not something newer? I don’t know how new it is; however, the Diorever looks slick and classic such that you can wear it for years (amortizing the cost!). Plus, it has a shoulder strap.

  • Tank Diaz

    The bag, I have it, exactly the same, I too was reserved about a top handle so big for everyday use, let me tell you it is one of my most used bags, it is the perfect useful size for regular use and it looks fantastic. I don’t worry about trends especially when dropping such a large amount on a bag, it simple has to meet my criteria- do I like it? Will I use it regularly? If it’s an everyday bag is it too heavy and will it fit water bottle in it. If you’re still unsure wait, it will still be there and you’ll make sure you love it no matter what anyone else says

  • AAAA

    To be honest, it doesn’t sound like you love either option. You have mentioned drawbacks to both. For that kind of money, I feel like you should LOVE it with no hesitation.

  • crescent

    I tend to destroy shoes so fast that I’ve never really invested in expensive shoes. There must be something wrong with my feet, lol. That is why I tend to splurge on bags as they last years.

  • HelloHappylife

    If you don’t love either of them then it’s an obvious sign to just save your money. We live in a world where we think we HAVE to have everything we want,handbags & shoes are nice but if you already have a good amount of designer bags/ shoes,why buy more?deaigner things are suppose to last so we don’t buy buy buy. Plus you stated that you need to really start saving money! So not getting the shoes/bags will help you with that problem :) Use the money for cancan,memories are more valuable then objects.

  • seres

    An attempt at armchair psychology: maybe the yearning for the Phantom over the Rockstuds is because you have the latter in hand – a sort of grass is greener phenomenon. I think you should return the Rockstuds because (although I love them) you are not getting your money’s worth of euphoria. Save and get the Phantoms, which I suspect you will also end up returning (because it is one of the most impractical bags I have ever tried – heavy, huge & hard to lug), ending up having satisfied your desire/curiosity and up $3000 in savings :)

  • Rashida

    Get the Celine

  • c.Miller

    Get the Celine! I was hesitant to purchase my Celine Micro Luggage a couple months ago but now it its my everyday work bag! I love the look and it is so functional. I hear people say its over saturated etc but I don’t care because I enjoy using it. Also, if you look at the cost per wear the handbag is a much better investment than the shoes overtime.

  • e910

    The Celine .. I too have been craving the Phantom even if it has slowed down I still love the style. The shoes are also amazing but you will get more mileage out of the bag. I say return the shoes and save for the bag ..you sound like you already made up your mind :)

  • Holly

    Keep the shoes! Forget the bag, I owned one and sold it. It is way too heavy for an everyday bag. I just sold mine

  • Yoshi1296

    I would get the Phantom! I have a black croc embossed one and it is the most used and loved bag in my collection. It tends to get heavy but still is a GREAT everyday bag! If you aren’t feeling the phantom anymore then you can look into other bags but please stay away from the rockstuds they are butt-ugly lmao

  • pixiegirlie

    Count me in the neither category. It sounds like if money wasn’t a factor in the decision you’d go for the bag over the shoes. However if you already have the shoes but are already questioning them it’s a sign that they aren’t the ones, which at that price point they should be everything you want. The Phantom is double the price and therefore a greater investment if chosen. While I like the Aesthetics of the bag function wise it just wouldn’t work for me. The weight of the bag without even adding my own stuff to it is a huge minus inot my book. Add in to the mix that it’s only a handful held bag with no shoulder strap or way to wear on the shoulder makes it a no go in my book, I need options for carrying it around. Lastly the size of the Phantom is way too big for my day to day needs.

  • Crystal

    Neither will age as well as people do. The Rockstud looks and feels like a young woman’s shoe. It’s made for ladies who still have tolerance for backbone and foot abuse. The Phantom will be similarly bad for your back and will restrict your mobility. The truth is that inefficiency is often the hallmark of a luxury product. The Phantom calls attention to itself due to its size and impractical design, but the bad thing is that it controls the way you move… you’ll be constantly re-adjusting it in the crook of your elbows because it’s so heavy, and moving it around whenever you have to go through doors, elevators, etc. If you don’t find yourself psychologically inconvenienced by the Phantom, go for that—at least you can put it down. Heels will do more damage to your body over time.

    If it were me, I’d put that money toward a Tesla!

    • Pam

      Lol a tesla

  • Katherine Callaghan

    Thank you everyone for all of your thoughts and feedback! I really appreciate it! I actually just ordered the Celine croc-embossed bag! I need to see for myself if it is functional for my everyday needs. I have 30 days to return both the bag and the shoes so the clock is ticking. I will be sure to write a follow-up with my final decision. Wish me luck!

    • Pam

      The bag is definitely the Better “investment” and looks beautiful.

  • Mya Wilkes

    Neither. Have the Rockstud shoes but so over them. The Celine is just way too big.

  • CMah

    I’m for the Phantom and so glad to read that you bought it to try out! I know they’ve become a bit ubiquitous in some ways, but I still think they are tres chic and will always be. I just saw a young woman (about your age) in a nightclub with hers casually plunked down on the bar beside her and she and the bag looked TDF and so cosmopolitan. The bag will age way better than the shoes and you will get soooo much more use out of it. For your milestone, I think the bag is the way to go without a doubt.

    • Katherine Callaghan

      Thank you! I have to keep everyone posted!

  • Lisa

    I vote neither. I understand the urge to treat yourself but I would hold out until something REALLY makes your heart skip a beat. You seem to be ambivalent about both options.

  • Sandy

    Personally, I love Valentino shoes…perhaps more than Louboutins. They are beautiful and very well made. Someone mentions they are played out, I disagree! Why do we stop wearing something so beautiful and well made?? There will ALWAYS be cheap knockoff versions of everything designers produce that is beautiful including the Luggage Tote. If you cannot tell the difference you need glasses! You should purchase whatever makes more sense for you right now but the shoes are beauties!

  • Dell Q

    I would return the shoes and skip the bag. Everyone, and their mother, owns the rockstuds and the phantom tote. The shoes are beyond played out and I really wish Valentino would move on. It’s a one-trick pony with them. The Celine tote is also very common and so 6 years ago. Ever since an SA pointed out the Celine totes look like a robot face, I can’t get the notion out of my head. It looks so silly! I realize fashion is subjective, and to each their own, but these are my personal opinions. I would stay ahead of the trend and go for something fresh. Happy hunting!

  • Sara

    Go the bag. That much money on shoes? I’d be scared I step into wet concrete, loose gravel or worse: dog poo. The bag will last longer. If its heavy, think of it as light workout out of the gym :-))

  • Lisa B

    A few years ago I noticed that wearing a bag on my shoulder made my shoulder and neck soar. So I began carrying all my bags in the crook of my arm. It was an easy adjustment and I actually think most bags look better that way anyway. Stick with that beautiful Celine Phantom!! You will love carrying it on your arm. ????

  • Tinsley Proust

    Definitely Phantom, though I do love Rockstud pumps. Bags simply last longer.

  • Tang


  • abdwap
  • Candace

    What was your final decision Katherine?