I have pretty much established myself as against handbags that are worn more as “body bags,” if you get my drift: fanny packs and the Alexander Wang Bianca Vest Bag come to mind. But surprisingly, unbelievably, I found myself falling for this Zara Terez 14th Precinct Bag yesterday afternoon.

I can’t explain exactly how I came to like it so much: it was really quite instantaneous, even though at first glance I thought it was a regular tiny cross-body bag. But it is much more unique than that, as most Zara Terez handbags are. Shannon covered their West-coast opening yesterday, and I can see how their bags would fit in with Hollywood glamour and glitz. But I want that cute little holster over here on the East coast for myself.

Zara Terez 14th Precinct Bag

It’s just such an unexpected thing to do. I mean, a bag that draws its inspiration from a gun holster? I can already think of the possibilities. I’d pair it with a sleek white oxford shirt for a sexy menswear inspired look, or even under a blazer, as a nod to how gun holsters are usually worn. It could even spice up a simple A-line dress with cute cap sleeves.

But word to the wise: I wouldn’t stuff this little pouch full of money and makeup. The attraction is in the sleekness, so stick to a credit card and a tiny Japanese cell phone if you can. Buy through Zara Terez for $125.

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  • Officer LOVE

    lovelovelovelove. i go exercise a lot and i never have the appropriate bag to bring (and i fully agree with the fanny pack statement above)…the holster is PERFECT for me in every way. zara terez is winning over my heart…

  • David Leatherman

    This purse does look pretty sleek! Love it!

  • Marcie

    way to go ZARA….keep up the innovative work<3