Are you on Twitter? I am. So is PurseBlog as a whole. If not, you should really try it – it’s not nearly as navel-gazing as I thought it would be, and sometimes you learn things.

Also, sometimes you get ideas for posts (and when I say “you,” I clearly mean “me.”). Donna Karan’s anonymous PR girl is one of the fashion folks I follow on the microblogging site, and yesterday she posted about being caught in the rain in Manhattan. Lucky for her, she always stows an extra tote in the bottom of her handbag to cover her purse in the event of inclement weather, and that reminded me: I should be taking my Longchamp Le Pliage Large Tote everywhere I go.

One of the best things about Longchamp’s Le Pliage totes is that they fold and snap to a fraction of their actual size – only the flexible straps stick out, which aren’t difficult to tuck in when you put the bag in your purse. You could go with a less expensive option, of course, but the things that make the Le Pliage key as a bag protector are the top zipper and water-resistant material. What’s the use in carrying an extra tote if it’s just going to let water in? Buy through Nordstrom for $145.

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  • Louch

    While I love the Le Pliage just for itself, this is a brilliant idea as well. I have 3 in different sizes and never thought of using them for this purpose. Thanks Amanda – will definitely do it!

  • Jackie

    Every other girl has this bag and I’m usually drawn far away from such common things but Donna Karan’s PR girl is genius and I now need a Longchamp Le Pliage. And only for the reason stated above!

  • bindc

    Yup. I see this bag everywhere but I don’t care because it’s my go-to bag when it’s rainy out. I don’t want my nice leather bags to get ruined so I’ll just throw all of my stuff in my LC tote and I’m good to go. I love it. At least there are many different colors to chose from.

  • pixiestash

    I’ve only recently discovered Le Pliage but I am a complete convert. Yes, you see these bags a lot, but at least they aren’t covered in logos. I tried a smaller Open Tote first, and it’s perfect for taking stuff to work and back. Then I got the Large Tote for a recent trip, and it couldn’t have been more perfect. Lightweight but incredibly sturdy, zip top in case you need to stash it under the seat on a plane, comfortable straps that actually stay on my shoulder…all at a reasonable price. Now I want one in every color!

  • Stylista

    I feel like I’ve seen this everywhere (from cheap alternatives, to high-end ones). The simplicity is very nice, but if this becomes the kind of bag that ends up on every girl’s shoulder, I’d go for something else.

  • Chris

    I also have a LC and I am in love. They are extremely popular in Europe, but I have not seen them that much in the US yet.
    They are perfect when the weather is not so nice, or when you are traveling. They look stylish, they stay on your shoulder, the size is perfect, and they are easy to clean. And yes, at least they are not covered in monograms.

  • Kat

    They are very popular in Europe, and in Asia as well. You’ll see them all around Manila, Hong Kong and Singapore. I’ve used abused mine and still love it. Even the bigger versions are quite convenient to have when you travel and plan to shop and take home a lot. They’re brilliant for the beach, too.

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