Normally, I shy away from any bags with obvious exterior logos or branding. Not only are monogram prints a bit of a lazy design technique, but they make a bag look almost instantly outdated because of the logo fads of the mid-2000s. I don’t walk around all day in logo t-shirts, so I don’t know why I’d have lower standards for my bags.

The Marc by Marc Jacobs Dreamy Logo Satchel has given me a real quandary, though. My initial instinct was to say that the embossing subtracts from this bag’s aesthetic appeal, but when I try to imagine it without the logos, I’m not so sure that my first impression is correct.

Because we’re dealing with embossed leather and not printed canvas, the question because more of texture than of pure visuals. The embossing adds something in the way of depth, and without it, this might have been another black bag, afloat in a crowded market. I wish that the embossing had been something other than a logo, but as it is, I think this aesthetic choice is still a net gain over plain leather in this particular instance. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $548.

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