Being the kind of girl who loves an edgy handbag as much as the next person, I was a bit disappointed to come across this one. While I am not the designer nor was I a part of the design team, I do feel like those behind this bag were aiming for a rocker/edgy look. I can see where they were coming from but unfortunately they missed the mark.

It looks like someone’s small child took a pair of scissors and went to town.

There is a small chance I would carry the ROMYGOLD Biker Slash Tote to the beach or perhaps some kind of art festival, but other than that, I don’t see any other use for it at all. I first saw the white leather version and thought perhaps the white version simply didn’t appeal to me. Then I saw the black leather version and had the same sentiment. The folks over at Saks describe this bag as “chic” but I would have to completely disagree. Unfortunately there is nothing chic about this bag. Instead, it looks sloppy, uninspired and frankly, a bit ugly. The thing is, if the bag was a little smaller, I might be able to appreciate it a little more. If you think I’m off my rocker, buy through Saks for $495.

Perfectly Pink

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