For the past, oh, let’s say seven minutes, I’ve been scrutinizing this photo. And because I blog, it is only natural that I put my feelings and thoughts into a post for your enjoyment. Now, I love Treesje, I really do. The brand always seems to capture a cool, haging-off-your-shoulder-slouchy kind of feel that I absolutely adore. But this Treesje Stone Marley Mini Leather Tote? Eh.

Treesje Stone Marley Mini Leather Tote
At first I had problems with it, specifically with the awkward placing of the studs on the strange, wrinkly front. But I have willingly put those qualms aside after gathering my thoughts. I am going to completely blame the stock photos for making the bag look extremely iffy.

That’s right. I am convinced that once seen in its natural environment on the shoulder or in the crook of the elbow and filled with items, it will exude coolness that comes from being used and loved. Not to mention that the medium grey color not unlike that awesome color of giant boulders on the Maine coast, is spot-on. And furthermore, I believe those studs will also cease to look awkward once the bag is in use. Now, if only I could argue so well in my classes. I’ll have to work on that. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $565.

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  • Ruth

    I have this bag in black, and I can confirm that it exudes coolness when slung over one’s shoulder. It is BEYOND squishy, and the studs are on trend, but surprisingly subtle in the gun metal colour. And it’s just as phenomenal worn cross body! A great bag, all around. I don’t think this colour was out when I got mine, or I might have been swayed. This shade of grey is spectacular!

  • Kim

    Gah! I bought the black one from RevolveClothing.. but all these gray and purple ones are tempting me :[ I like this darker tone as opposed to the gray that Nordstrom carried.

  • sunflower

    I have the black and this bag definetely rocks! Comfortable, roomy, and right on trend. Looks great with my fall fashions.

  • Paula_Rose

    Love this bag to death! I haven’t stopped using it for 2 months solid- which is rare for me since I use different bags off and on. Save your money and grab one at Nordstrom Rack though! They didn’t last in Nordie’s very long after the anniversary sale.

  • Elsa

    The moment I found this bag (clearance table) I fell for it! I’ve never seen it before until now. It’s perfectly proportioned and I don’t find the stud work odd at all – it’s subtle enough unless one hates studs, period. The bag is a bit heavy though. I found it in Mocha (I think) but will check again tomorrow in case it’s really chocolate, but I’m pretty sure…it was more of a taupe, so I think it must be Mocha. I’m itching to grab it but I need another bag like I need another hold in my head.