Every once in awhile, I see an article of clothing, a pair of shoes, or something, anything that makes me cringe and wonder “Why in the world would anyone desire to make something so; awkward?“.

That’s what happened when I spotted this Coach Julia Transparent Op Art Logo Tote on the Nordstrom website. Frankly, I’m glad I didn’t see it passing by a Coach flagship store here in New York because I might have been mentally scarred.

All right, perhaps I’m exaggerating, but with good reason. As any regular purse lover knows, Coach has a long and wonderful history of making quality leather goods. But seeing this tote makes me afraid that Coach is just throwing its history by the wayside to create bags fit for the fickle tween set (Poppy, anyone?). But this bag isn’t even Poppy, so I’m alarmed. As one of my good friends would say, it’s just bizarre. But at least it has a purpose: withstanding the harsh chlorine of splashed pool water. Buy through Nordstrom for $348.

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  • Meredith in IL

    I was going to try and say something nice about this….. but, no. Wait, maybe the shade of blue looks appealing? And I like the option of two different ways to carry something. And… that’s it, folks. The weird circle of C’s in the middle is too much for me.

  • 19yearslater

    Yeah, this would work for the pool and beach, nowhere else. I am not a fan of this bag and I’ve even been known to like some Poppy, so it’s really quite bad.

  • Elisabeth

    I actually really like it, which is surprising because I normally hate Coach.

    Of course when I say I like it, I mean I like it in the sense that it’s great for a pool, or a beach, or a carnival, not in the sense that I’d carry it as a “real” handbag. But for what it is, a trendy summer youthful beach tote, I think it’s great, and I love the color.

  • Angela

    i was equally as disturbed when Alexander Wang decided to create the PVC rocco, i am completly in love with the Rocco so much that I hav purchased multiple colors, however that was an ablsolute nighmare, i dont know what Mr Wang was thinking, many designer have done the same thing including Prada, and it is equally as horrible, i do enjoy coach”s leather handbags, but this tote is just sad.

  • Nat


  • m

    It looks like it should be a Coach for Target piece. Then again I love the classics and not the new designs.

  • meh

    this bag would be lovely for the place i work at — it’s a company rule for all of us to wear see through bags for security and junk (i know it sucks) so this bag would be kinda nice to have…if only they made more?

  • LindsayCariad

    i would love this bag for the same reason as most- my work requires us to carry all transparent bags, purses, makeup cases, etc… I’d love to have a stylish bag of sorts!