Every season, we dig around for the best values available to designer bag shoppers looking to keep their expenditures solidly in the three-figure range, and every season, it gets a little tricker. Prices are forever heading northward, and even when a brand decides to resist those market forces, it can risk compromising the quality of the materials it’s able to use. Thankfully, we’ve found 20 bags that provide both luxe looks and not-totally-mind-bending price tags.

Below, check out new fall bags from our long-time contemporary favorites like Tory Burch and Coach, as well as solid picks from newer, smaller brands that may not yet be on your radar.

Botkier Tribeca Open Satchel
$298 via Bloomingdale’s


Calvin Klein Reversible Faux Snake Tote
$126 via Macy’s


Cambridge Satchel Company Traveler Bag
$245 via Shopbop


Christopher Kon Crossbody Bag
$225 via Shopbop


Clare V. Lou Crossbody Bag
$295 via Anthropologie


Coach Ace Satchel
$595 via Coach


Dooney & Bourke Claremont Domed Satchel
$298 via Macy’s


Elizabeth & James Scott Suede Satchel
$495 via Neiman Marcus


Furla Perla Medium Bag
$398 via Shopbop


Kate Spade Violet Drive Kinslee Satchel
$498 via Macy’s


Loeffler Randall Double Pouch Shoulder Bag
$395 via Saks


Madewell Bucket Bag
$198 via Shopbop


MICHAEL Michael Kors Campbell Large Satchel
$368 via Neiman Marcus


Milly Logan Leopard Calf Hair Tote
$495 via Saks


MR. Mr. Baker Bubble Leather Bucket Bag
$475 via Saks


Oliveve Haircalf Zoe Tote
$385 via Shopbop


Rebecca Minkoff Astor Laser-Cut Saddle Bag
$295 via Rebecca Minkoff


Time’s Arrow Lida Bucket Bag
$495 via Bloomingdale’s


Tory Burch 797 Quilted Satchel
$595 via Tory Burch


Vasic Collection Carries Tote
$550 via Shopbop


Vince Camuto Tosha Tote
$186 via Macy’s

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Laura Jones
7 years ago

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7 years ago

That D&B from slide 7 looks an awful lot like the Alexander McQueen….

7 years ago

I’m not much of a pink fan but 10 and 19 were my favorites.

7 years ago

Will the bucket bags go away now? It was cute a few years ago when The Row introduced the classic bucket shaped overpriced backpack but seeing every brand come out with bucket bags that all look identical is getting silly. I was walking through Neiman’s and shelf after shelf of bucket bags that all looked identical. Can they not come up with anything new or exciting?

7 years ago
Reply to  Unapologetic

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7 years ago

Michael Kors and Furla are good choices. The bags look good for the price.

Betty Huber
7 years ago
Reply to  Yazi

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7 years ago

The Michael Kors just Looks like an Antigona and the Tory Burch like an Obsedia, IMO.

7 years ago

THANKS for doing this article. I am happy buying a high end designer bag when I fall in love with it but don’t feel a bag has to have a certain label to be a great addition to my wardrobe. This gives me a couple of bags to check out. ????????

I do, however, have an issue with contemporary designers as a whole. A lot of these bags are derivative of designer bags. While I don’t have a problem with that in theory, why can’t contemporary designers offer DESIGN? MK’s bag is the Antigona, buckets are done to death…

7 years ago

This is a great post. I think that many of forget or take for granted that everyone with great taste (including many of us on Purseblog) can’t always afford the bags we so often lust after. For instance, I adore the Antigona, but that MK is a pretty nice looking and kinda fancy alternative in a price range that doesn’t hurt my wallet. Not all of us have thousands to blow, and not all of us like having to save up for a bag either. Some of us just have a comfortable price that we set- if something great comes along, we can purchase it without much thought or regret. As time goes on and our finances increase, so does that price. But for now, I appreciate getting a look for less when the less is still leather and made by some pretty great brands. High end level disposable income is my goal, but for now, I totally appreciate the working girl versions of my favorite designs.

Shemayil Lail
Shemayil Lail
7 years ago
Reply to  AshleyG


7 years ago
Reply to  AshleyG

I couldn’t agree more and I commend you for saying it. There are reasons these big designer bags cost so much; the “design”. They are the brain behind the trend. These trends kicks off and are made in more affordable brands. We see it in clothes, shoes, etc.
MK does it and is out right open about it. But who cares? We all know that’s not a real Antigona. It says MK on it. He makes affordable luxury for those who’s budget wouldn’t otherwise allow them to have a gorgeous bag they could wear with pride. Also for those who CAN afford higher end but simply won’t pay 2,000 dollars.
Keep doing what your doing MK.

Dylan Propst
Dylan Propst
7 years ago
Reply to  AshleyG

There’s a website called the RealReal and they offer a program called Affirm where you pay a portion of the price for a gently used bag over time! And the best part is, you get the bag up front!
I’ve used it before and it’s so nice to be able to pay it off instead of having to save for months.

7 years ago

I can see Michael Kors has released their Givenchy Antigona knockoff. I’m surprised it took this long.

Dylan Propst
Dylan Propst
7 years ago

Oh I love that Madewell bag. Might have to go pick one up! Their quality is fantastic.