Unless you live and party in the most fashion-forward part of a very fashionable city, it’s likely that you see a lot of very similar outfits when you go out at night. Heavy reliance on little black dresses and little black clutches is a rut into which we all fall from time to time, particularly in the awkward season-changing parts of the year when we’re sick of all of our warm-weather clothes but cold-weather dressing hasn’t quite arrived yet. But don’t forget, ladies, you have options.

I can’t help you make a savvier LBD choice (at least not in this context I can’t), but I’ve certainly got ideas about how to spruce up whatever you might be carrying with it. Next time you’re headed out and you don’t know what to bring with you, try something with a bit of neutral beading like the Antik Batik Oslo Wallet Bag.

The color of the beading on this purse keeps it from looking too matronly or old, and the pattern is part of the modern/tribal mashup that has been so popular in recent seasons. The bag is just big enough to hold your night-out essentials, and it’ll look a lot more interesting with a black dress than another envelope clutch. Buy through ShopBop for $325.

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  • Des

    I visit purseblog and talkshoes everyday, but somehow I forgot about purseblog savvy until you mentioned it with the marc by marc jacobs bag on purseblog. I have to say purseblog savvy improved so much, I don’t think I’ll forget about it anymore. way to go :D

    • Des

      I forgot to mention that I love this bag. definitely worth visiting purseblog savvy to see bags like these!

  • MizzJ

    It’s so true! I get sick of always opting for black when I go out. This little clutch though makes it easier to feel stylish when wearing that LBD out, once again.


  • TradeWinds

    I was just viewing this eact bag moments before joining the forum! In fact, I think I put it on the wishlist to consider as I’m looking for a new clutch and want something that isn’t boring. The look is fantastic and the concept is completely arresting. The thing that made me hesitate buying it immediately was the finished look … If the beading has been done well, it will be awesome… if not, oh it would be soooo bad. If anyone has seen it in person, I’d love to hear your thoughts!