I have a love-hate relationship with bags that have hard shoulder straps. Plastic, Lucite, wood, bamboo, whatever – I think they look great. They provide a great textural and visual contrast with a bag that’s made of soft leather, and they show a bit of creativity without being over-designed.

So, that’s the love part. What I hate is how they feel to carry for an extended period of time, and I can’t help but think that the Rebecca Minkoff Resin-Handled Nikki Hobo is going to fall into that trap.

Rebecca Minkoff Resin-Handled Nikki Hobo

Maybe I’m the only one that feels this way; I do have big linebacker shoulders, after all. But for me, these shoulder straps are usually molded a bit too narrowly and they never end up sitting comfortably on my shoulder. If I have anything of any weight in my bag, they dig in and make the bag impossible to carry on my shoulder. I haven’t tried on this particular bag in person, but based on the pictures, I think it probably works better in theory than it will in practice. Buy through ShopBop for $635.

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  • Sarah

    lets see how long this bag will stay on anyone’s shoulder. I guarantee this will slide off within seconds….so annoying! like the YSL Mombasa bag! nice to look at but forget about wearing it.

  • KG

    actually, i own the mini nikki croc w/ resin handle, and the handle is much more comfy than i thought it would be and does not slip easily. i have decent sized shoulders, too. the handle hugs the shoulder when facing one direction (w/ the smaller end of the handle to the front) and doesn’t work on the shoulder at all in the other direction. the handle actually hugs the shoulder enough that it does not slip (feels almost ergonomically designed when on the right way). the only issue, which shouldn’t be a problem w/ the full-sized Nikki, is that the bag comes up into my armpit a bit. however, as the bag breaks in, that is becoming less of an issue.