I usually don’t like to write about two bags in a row from the same designer, but the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bombe Satchel was my favorite bag from the designer’s Spring 2011 presentation and now that I’ve found it online, I simply couldn’t wait. I hope you’ll forgive me.

The navy-trimmed ivory version of this bag is actually my personal preference, but this gray and ivory version isn’t bad either. The trim lines remind me of the Celine Boston Tote that I’ve been lusting over lately, but with more of a 50s American vintage feel than the Celine bag is. Oh, and of course without the Celine price tag.

Minkoff is far from the only contemporary designer to make a bag for Spring 2011 that reminds me of Celine’s current It Bag (Tory Burch, I’m looking at you), but I would say that her interpretation of the design’s lines do well to not borrow or rely heavily on the original. Instead, they take the bag’s feel in a completely new direction and create a great, casual bag in the process. Look out for the ivory and navy version, it’s fierce. Buy through Nordstrom for $550.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Marianna

    I love the ivory and navy version. The bag is a great size too. I think I have to put this on the short list! (ipad)

  • Joyce

    Not feeling this one at all. The Cole Haan bicolor you featured a while back worked much better. (ipad)

  • Mochababe73

    I love Rebecca Minkoff, but I don’t really like this one.
    However, the navy/ivory version is very pretty. (iPad)

  • Limey

    not one of my favourites (ipad)

  • Yun

    I’d prefer the whole bag done in the “pearlized gray” colour…gotta wait for it! (ipad)

  • Miriam

    Just OK(ipad)

  • Lianne

    I like the bag, but the colour combination in the picture just doesn’t work. Either more contrast or less. (ipad)

  • Staci

    The color combination is growing on me! I like! (iPad)

  • 19yearslater

    This is retro done right, not too out of control and not meant to look like it actually came out of the past. (ipad)

  • Vitta

    A bit overdone, as most of Rebecca Minkoff’s bags. In the 1950s, they were not as busy.

  • Jennifer

    Love the colors, not the style (ipad)

  • Leah

    I’ve been ogling the black and tan version at Stefani Bags for some time now. LOVE this bag :) (ipad)

  • Chris

    Lovely bag. I like the lines, they give the purse a more modern feeling. (iPad)

  • MizzJ

    Hmm this one reminds me of an interpretation of a shearling jacket in purse form. Not a winner IMO.


  • ShoppingIsMyHobby

    I would like the bag better if the handles were gray.

  • spanish moss

    waay too busy for my taste. (ipad)

  • Cindy

    Yowzers, I don’t like it. (ipad)

  • Connie

    I am a big RM fan but I will definitely pass on this bag. It reminds me of a bowling bag. (ipad)

  • Jennifer

    I don’t usually care for Rebecca Minkoff’s style but I love this. Which is interesting because it seems like most RM fans are passing on this one. Go figure! (ipad)

  • Manda

    I think I prefer the pearlized gray Bombe MAC much more. I’ve seen it in person and it is a beauty. (iPad)

  • Mary

    Love love love RM but so not feeling this bag (iPad)

  • Paulina

    Saw this combo in person and it is beautiful! (iPad)

  • Leisa

    I love the lines, and the colour is growing on me… (iPad)

  • Bijou

    it’s pretty but it won’t work with my wardrobe. i’m sure a fashionista can work it! (ipad)

  • Tonya

    I’m still on the fence about this bag….(ipad)