Now, isn’t this just super cute? I am confident many of you out there are familiar with the big necklace hit in the 80’s: best friends necklaces. You better *know* that I had one. It wasn’t anything expensive, but I totally gave part to my friend Sara and I wore the other half. I was, like, super cool. I am pretty sure it didn’t take long for the chain to break, but luckily that wasn’t a sign of Sara and I growing apart, in fact, we are friends still today – years and many moves later.

While I am not completely sure if these necklaces still float around, I love that Rebecca Minkoff has taken a modern spin on the 80’s classic.

These Rebecca Minkoff Best Friend Leather Pouches are cute, affordable and a great reminder of yesteryear. The leather pouches come as a set so you and your bestie can each have one. There is a top-zip closure which obviously secures everything wonderfully. I never use interior key rings, but I am sure they are rather handy. Open up the pouches and find that awesome bird-print lining I do nothing but rave about. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $98.

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  • Beth

    I remember there was lots of drama between the girls in my class surrounding who would get the other half of the best friend necklace. Also, when people would stop wearing them because they had a falling out. Such high drama from such little kids!

    I love these pouches, and I would totally give the other half to my BFF! (fb)

  • gpc

    Shannon, thanks for sharing this. My BFF of 20+ years (yes, we were 80s girls) is going to be surprised with this gift when we see each other in May for a girls get-away in Miami!

  • Beth

    That’s a super cute idea. I’m tempted to give one to my BFF of almost 30 years! We were really young (5) when we first met. (fb)

  • Megs Mahoney Dusil

    I love love love this!!!! I want to get some for my friends. And then I will make sure I do it for at least two people so I can have one best and one friend for myself too ;)

  • Karin bag4bag

    This is a great idea! I remember those necklaces at school. I love retro influence. Rebecca Minkoff can do no wrong !!! (fb)

  • Jane

    I love this pouche pairing so much. I plan on purchasing these duo as soon as I can.

  • Denise

    In times past, half a cockle shell (viewed at a certain angle, the split heart shape!) was given to the loved one and half kept by the lover.

  • justa9url

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! =) I wish there was some colour though. But the concept is cute. I used to have to find necklaces that incorporated “best friends forever” because I have 2 besties. =)

  • Paula_Rose

    I freaking LOVE THIS!!!!!! Ordering one and surprising my bff!!! (fb)

  • Amanda

    Such a brilling idea, I would love to own one of these!(fb)

  • Amanda

    brilliant, that is.

  • Anna Cooperberg

    This is so cute!!! I definitely want to give one to my BFF of almost 20 years (we met before we were 1yr old) ;)

  • Maria

    LOVE this! not a big fan of Minkoff but this is adorable! (fb)

  • Emilee

    TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!!!!!!! (fb)

  • Zara

    i really like this idea ;)

  • Audrey H.

    What a cute idea! (fb)

  • Shannon

    Love this! I’m my bff’s maid of honor, I definitely have to get these and hold onto them for her wedding.

  • MH

    This is so cute! I’ve been looking at bff necklaces a lot lately and this is even better (fb)

  • Amber

    These are tooo cute! I think my bestie would definitely keep her half. ;)

  • Yun

    Very cute! I wish she would bring back her kiss and make up size pouch! Alot more useful! (fb)