Pour La Victoire designs admittedly awesome shoes; from tweaked gladiator sandals to cutout booties, they’re all exceptionally cool. Whenever I stare at their selection on Shopbop, which is often, it’s clear to me that everything they design is gold. But not so fast, Anna. Not so fast.

I wasn’t aware that they were designing handbags as well until I spotted this Pour La Victoire Brown Studded Leather Megan Large Hobo. I’m a bit disappointed, to say the least. Though the shape is nice, when paired with the massive size of the bag it becomes unruly and overbearing. It weighs four pounds- need I say more?

While I love the braided straps with the tassels on the end, the way they’re looped through the sides looks a bit awkward, rather then chic and supple. In fact, the whole bag looks slightly stiff, instead of soft and smushy. Of course, that may be the stock photo, because we all know how studs tend to weigh a bag down. Pour La Victoire, if you’re listening: funnel some of that effortless downtown cool from your shoes into your handbag line. I’ll be waiting eagerly for your next creation. Buy though Bluefly for $286.

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  • Weannie

    4 Lbs!!!! I’d be hunched over like the hunchback of Notre Dame!!

  • Celeste

    Yeah, 4lbs is ridiculous. You need a wagon to pull your bag! I love my chocolate brown (and soft and light!) Kooba instead! (fb)

  • mochababe73

    My bag is already heavy. The last thing that I need is to add 4 extra pounds to it. I don’t like the tassels on the side. (fb)

  • Karn bag4bag

    I think I am over studs ! Can designers move on from studs please…(fb)

  • justa9url

    I have to agree, the tassels are just off. There’s too much going on on the sides and nothing on the front/back. (fb)

  • Shine

    When you mentioned about the weight of this bag, i was not really interested with it at all. I have a back problem and this is so unfriendly with my condition.(fb)

  • Leticia

    I love the shape and the colour, but FOUR POUNDS? God, no! (fb)

  • Gigi

    Gorgeous bag! I’m so in love with Pour La Victoire! All their stuff I’ve seen recently is just awesome.

    Check out the video review we did on one of their shoes:


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