So, there is a good chance you know that we do our best *not* to replicate handbag coverage here. There are so many handbags out there that we become busy trying to cover a wide variety of our favorites (and sometimes not so favorites), meaning we don’t really find a need to revisit a given design. However, every now and again there is a bag that has already been reviewed by myself or another member of the PurseBlog team that deserves a revisit.

All of this being said, the Olivia Harris Zip Pocket Leather Clutch is a handbag completely deserving of the revisit. Amanda covered this bag back this past fall and while I liked it, I completely appreciate this version oh so much more.

The version Amanda covered was comprised of darker colors than this one. The original black/brown color combination was not one I was a total fan of. However, the shape and detail put into the bag was one that I could totally appreciate. So, with the the same design in mind and a new color combination, I am one happy camper. The beige leather and silver hardware work well together. Since we are in the midst of Spring, I like the light color. You can pair this with a lightly colored outfit as easily as you can pair it with a darker one. This is a revisit that was totally worth it. Don’t you think? Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $175.

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