I don’t know what it is about me lately, but I am constantly looking at cosmetic cases. I’ve been sharing this with you for a while now so I am sure some of you might say, “c’mon Shannon, enough already, just buy yourself a new one”. I might just have to go out and get this one folks, I think it is fab. Michael Kors knows how to make even the smallest accessories fashionable.

If you are anything like me, for the longest time I didn’t really care much about how I stored my makeup. As I grew older and begun buying makeup that was a bit nicer and a bit more expensive, I realized for the kind of money I am dropping, I should actually care a bit about how I store it. That has stuck with me.

The MICHAEL Michael Kors Webster Nylon Cosmetic Case is a prime example of how you can store your makeup in a chic manner. This bag was actually cute enough to pass for a clutch, but clearly upon further investigation, I don’t think I’d try to rock it as a clutch. I love the red pleated nylon. The entire thing is cute, functional and fun. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $68.

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