Now this is very, very interesting. And what is more interesting than the fact that Marc by Marc Jacobs made a very, let’s say, incase-looking computer sleeve is the fact that the Shopbop silhouette model is carrying it like a clutch. I have a lightweight computer, and I would not carry it that way. Too risky. And this is supposed to carry a computer that is 14.5 inches long!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Large Computer Sleeve

So while I question the logic of Shopbop‘s silhouette model, I altogether agree that this Marc By Marc Jacobs Large Computer Sleeve looks like a computer sleeve. But that’s it. No special Marc accents at all, save for a front logo. Is this a joke? I’ve always thought that Marc could make some wonderful laptop bags with his zany patterns, but clearly this is not a patterned sleeve.

I’m quite disappointed. But on the other hand, now I know that Marc by Marc Jacobs has it in their head to make laptop sleeves that at least look safer than they do stylish. Next time, let’s hope they program in that style feature, because our laptops need a boost in that department. Buy through Shopbop for $68.

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