Oh no. oh no, no, no. Why did the Marc by Marc Jacobs team have to go ahead and make a bag like this? I began shaking my head when I first saw it and I haven’t stopped since. I am ok with the shape, but the color scheme is absolutely awful. With the wide variety of colors out there, why oh why did these have to be the colors used? As you can tell, this is not a bag that I am going to buy anytime soon, but let’s delve a little deeper.

The Marc by Marc Jacobs Royale Patchwork Birdie Hobo has some potential, but most of said potential was lost in the color scheme. Royale, hot pink and mouse suede patchwork come together along the front of the handbag while blue solid leather sides make up the rest of the bag. There are side exterior flap pockets with clasp closures in case you would actually be interested in putting something in the pockets securely. The elasticized smocking along the top actually makes the patchwork look worse. With a 6½” drop, I wouldn’t put this on my shoulder, it would seem way too bulky. Come to think of it, the thing I like the best about this bag, is the floral canvas lining. Again, there is potential here, so I would welcome another try. Buy through Bluefly for $369.

Sweet Summertime

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