Disclaimer: this bag is not my style in any way. I would not buy it, and if I were to be given it, I probably wouldn’t even carry it. But still, for some reason, I find the Lucky Brand Abbey Road Messenger strangely compelling.

The whipstitching and weathered brass hardware are not my favorite, but as a whole, this is the sort of bag that I could see working very well on a particular type of girl. You know the one I’m talking about – wavy blond hair, but it’s not highlighted, it’s naturally like that. A few freckles, and she’s always a little tan, but not fake tan. Likes wearing shorts, and somehow manages to be the only girl whose thighs don’t look fat in them. She doesn’t often dress up, yet somehow still manages to seem feminine in her Chaco sandals. This would be her school bag.

Since my personal philosophy is “black, black, and more black, and oh yes, let my dye my hair black as well, and how about some black-rimmed glasses to top it off,” I cannot buy this bag. But for everyone out there whose look is a little more like the one I described in the previous paragraph, consider giving it a shot. Buy through Piperlime for $178.

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  • 19yearslater

    I’m sure Lucky’s made this bag before, in jewel tones, and not named it Abbey Road.

  • anonymous

    I gave my daughter a Lucky Bag, and that thing has been through everything and shows not one bit of wear after months and months. I have had many higher -priced bags that don’t come near the durability of that thing. It makes me want to buy a Lucky, any Lucky bag, for myself.

  • Barb

    While I fall somewhere between the black and more black and the somewhat tanned blondie, I have been jonesing a brown cross body bag which I can just use and bause and will get better with age! I have thought about this bag but could not find it in my dream color…a caramel brown!

  • Linda

    I think it looks fabulous and would take that gorgeous purple over black any day of the week! :)

  • alison

    I’ve had this bag for over a year now in the brown/whiskey shade. I love the style and I have NEVER gotten so many comments/compliments on a bag before. People stop me everywhere to ask me about it and tell me how much they like it. I ran into a friend/co-worker who I had not seen for many years – she was carrying a very large Tod’s tote – there was barely a hug before she started asking me about this bag – she LOVED it. When I bought it a year ago, it was called the Abbey Road.

  • alison

    Oh, also, I saw it on Oprah during a makeover, on Desperate Housewives and the other night on Parks and Recreation on NBC.

  • ally

    Barb – re:caramel color – – you can get this bag in what they are calling “dune” and though it’s a very light caramel, it will age nicely and darken to a caramel over time if you apply a protectant to it from the beginning