Please believe me when I tell you that I am head-over-heels for this bright pink calf hair version of the Loeffler Randall Rider Bag. I’ve been a fan of this shape since Loeffler’s handbag line debuted a few seasons ago and even added a mini version to my collection this spring, and now it’s this big, slightly furry, very bright iteration that’s the object of my affections. It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

Heavily textured bags are once again a full-on trend for fall, and if you’re uncomfortable with fur (either for ethical or financial reasons), calf hair is a great way to go. You get a bag that’s similarly lush and tactile, and although the material almost always costs more than a regular leather version of the same bag, it’s always less than traditional fur. It’s also shorter and neater, in case you’re concerned about carrying a bag that looks like a disemboweled muppet. (Are muppets fundamentally disemboweled? Discuss.)

The regular leather version of the Rider comes in at a very reasonable $495, and while this calf hair version is more expensive, it comes in at a not-exactly-whopping $650 for a bag that is almost entirely calf hair-covered. That’s a much better value for the materials than you’ll find with most brands, and this bag is big enough to be an option for everyday carry. Would you wear something this bright on the daily, though? I know I would. Without a second thought. I am in love. Buy for $650 via Nordstrom or Loeffler Randall.

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Megs Mahoney Dusil
9 years ago

Amanda, I know we discussed – but I had to make my comment public as well – this bag is AMAZING.

GG Pastel