Once again, Lockheart comes out with a handbag that is full of amazing detail work. I actually had a chance to see the Lockheart design team in action a few weeks back and I was overwhelmed (in a good way) with all the leathers, the conversations and the absolute love for handbags this team has. It is clear that hours of time and thought go into each bag. So, coming across the Lockheart Victoria Jeweled Leather Hobo reminded me of all the detail that can easily be overlooked but shouldn’t be.

Lockheart Victoria Jeweled Leather Hobo
Purple glazed leather is adorned with laser-cut flowers that have jewel embellished petals and leaves. Now the thing to remember is that these embellishments could look sloppy and ugly very quickly, but not in this case. It appears that every flower, every jewel was thought about and strategically placed. I love the femininity that the bag exudes. Add this bag to a simplistic outfit and let the bag shine. Buy through Saks for $345.

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  • Jennabagfanatic

    Purple! Again, not only a favorite color of mine, but also the detailing of this bag really adds that extra pizzazz. I would wear this precious little jewel out to a cocktail party with my friends-what a charming little bag! I want it!

  • MaddiAboutBags

    And friend sent me the link for this bag. What a fantastic color like a piece of jewelry. It is so femine and fantastic…Really and different new shape great for everyday and for going out. I love it!!!

  • CaptKevin

    My wife just saw this bag and wants it for Christmas… The only thing she’s asked for. I’m heading out to Saks. KB

  • Jane

    It is truly a beautiful bag, not surprising when it bears the Lockheart name. CaptKevin your a great man to get your wife this bag.

  • Laura

    Wow. How do they do all this fabulous detail work? Every bag they do is like a work of art. I LOVE it!! Maybe if I am really really good Santa will be good to me and bring me this bag!

  • ottercat

    Crank it up.

  • Luna

    Ohhh wow, love this bag it is so elegant and would be a perfect evening bag going to all the holiday parties right now. The detailed flowers are incredible, soo much work went into this bag. Still to this day Lockheart is my favorite designer and they keep getting better and better!

  • Christine

    it’s the same color as a waxy, plum-flavored jellybean! i like it :)

  • Loquita

    What a heart-stopping piece of art. And the price? I thought it was a typo. This bags looks waaay more luxe than its price tag. Gorgeous color and detailing…no wonder Lockheart fans are so devoted!

  • jennifer

    cute, cute bag!

  • Kathryn

    beautiful bag! i love the purple for the winter season and the detail work is absolutely amazing. What a great price for all the work on that bag!


    The modern Victorian & French Bohemian LOCKHEART bag made by American designers. Soooo cool! Love love this gorgeous Lockheart Victoria Jeweled Leather Hobo .. On my wish list to “Dear Santa” ..

  • nancy forman

    Love everything Lockheart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best investment:) I hope I get one for xmas

  • Laika

    ooo what a beautiful bag. it’s such a statement piece. perfect since i’ve been on a boring pant suit kick lately – ps can i say this shape is awesome just because it never slides off the shoulder – does anybody else notice that? those Lockheart designers are genius!!!