I’ve become a huge fan of Lockheart bags over the past few years and it’s mostly due to the fact that these bags are unlike most others on the market. The bags are highly unique and boast amazing attention to detail. Ok, not to say that other handbags *don’t* showcase attention to detail, but I think you follow what I am saying.

I am used to Lockheart bags being soft, feminine and a bit bohemian. Just as I began to expect this from this brand, they throw a complete curve-ball. While I was a bit shocked at first, I spent some serious time looking and the bag and began to appreciate it for everything that it is.

By far, the color and hardware on the Lockheart Madeline Leather Messenger Bag were the aspects on this bag that drew me in. The textured green leather isn’t dark and it’s obviously not light, but somewhere right in the middle. As I looked closer I noticed the zipper trim along the bag. You might be a bit nervous about this, but trust me when I say, you won’t catch your skin or clothes on it. I was in the Lockheart offices a few months back and had the opportunity to see (and touch) some of the designs they were working on – including this zipper trim. The shoulder strap with its 9″ drop is fabulous, but so is the adjustable crossbody strap. This bag has edgy yet chic written all over it. Once again, this brand is one I encourage to continue trying new things because they seem to know how to do it right. Buy through Saks for $435.

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  • Arielle

    Love the color on this!

  • Beth

    Yeah, that’s a great shade of green. I really like the bag, it’s got a nice casual vibe to it. Great price.

  • 19yearslater

    Great shade of green, and I like those front pockets- they look like tiny tote bags.

  • Loquita

    WOW!!! This bag is gorgeous….and quite unlike what we typically expect from Lockheart, as you rightly suggest, Shannon – the color is beautiful, but not for me. I wonder what other colors it comes in…drool…

  • SC

    omg! this is the perfect bag! there is nothing that i do not LOVE about this purse….so naturally, i have one…..i bought one in brown and my friend bought one in pink. so cute!

    • Loquita

      It comes in pink? Yes!!! I only saw it in brown, this green, and a medium purple – none of which work for me, unfortunately. Now – a bright pink, red or black, that would def. work…or even ivory…

      • Beth

        I think the pink mentioned is the medium purple you saw Loquita. According to the Lockheart website, it comes in brown, green and this hard to define pink/purple colour.

  • Jane

    I love this bag. It comes in brown and pink. I would love to have it in pink.

  • Nicole

    Love the color and the shape!!! I am never surprised by the creativity at Lockheart- how do they come up with so many designs!

  • Joan G

    Fabulous cross-body messenger bag and LUV, love, luv the color. City chic; weekend warrior ready!

  • Laika

    What a beautiful bag, i love that I can wear it the three ways…in my hand on my shoulder or across the body. Clever Designers!!! The little pockets are perfect for my keys too…that way I never have to go digging for them!

    I heart you lockheart.

  • Aliza

    OMG! The Giselle bag has been by FAR my favorite Lockheart bag…. And this is the big sister of that bag. Needless to say I WANT it!!! The color is so rich, and the detail is just phenominal! Lockheart has gone above and beyond once again!

  • Alicia

    cute bag!

  • Mochababe73

    In general, I am not a green fan, but I love this bag. It’s functional, cute, and edgy all at the same time. I just wish that they were easier to find. I live in the 4th largest city in America, and it’s hard to locate Lockheart.

  • spanish moss

    yes, great shade of green, but it looks too much like a fishing creel (albeit a fashionable one) to me/g

  • simplegirl

    i love this bag!!! does anyone have a picture of this in other colors? where can i find the giselle style?

  • Karin bag4bag

    I have only ever had one green bag, and passed it on to a friend as it is didn’t really work for me. But this bag makes me want to try green again! Lovely shape & looks really useable.

  • laura

    I love this bag. I would not have thought I would want a green bag, but there is something about this color….