We’re well versed in the Linea Pelle Dylan line here at PurseBlog, but here’s a new one for you dedicated readers- the Linea Pelle Dylan Folding Clutch, and in new colors fit for the spring season. That, plus the fact that it’s a convertible bag (we haven’t seen many of those since the summer), leads to the inevitable conclusion that it’s the perfect, light, and refreshing bag for the new season.

It’s three bags in one: you can wear it as a small over-the-shoulder bag, as a crossbody, or as a clutch if you remove the straps. I prefer it as a crossbody, especially because the thickly washed leather looks as though it would slouch nicely; some length in the strap could help that action. Plus, the zipper is really unique- I’m not sure if it is just the bag, but the zipper is ever so slightly chunky, while maintaining the technical hardware look, almost like a digital zigzag. It contrasts nicely with the delicately wrinkled leather and the bright colors.

I’m not one for bright seaside-colored bags, preferring richer tones, but these have caught my eye in the best way possible. So which is your favorite color of the bunch? I’m one for the azure. Buy through Linea Pelle for $195.

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13 years ago

Spring Into Bags Special Feature – Enter to win a Linea Pelle Dylan Disco Clutch Designer Bag! -http://ascendingbutterfly.blogspot.com/2010/03/spring-into-bags-special-feature-enter.html

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