I was never much of a backpack girl after, say, eight grade. Once the teens set in, it was just so lame to carry a backpack.

Well, now that I’m in my 20s and I have no idea what 14-year-olds might consider cool (nor do I care), I find myself kind of enjoying the LeSportsac Pearl Lightning Drew Backpack. I have no use for it and even if I did, I would probably get it dirty, but this shiny little backpack is oddly appealing.

LeSportsac Pearl Lighting Drew Backpack

For some reason, this color is hitting just the right note between silver and beige. Which is interesting, since I was not even aware that there was a note between silver and beige, let alone a right one. Yet here it is. A color this light might be a tad impractical for a backpack, but then again, the price is probably a bit much as well. So if you’re willing to abide those two things, this might be a great backpack for you, even if my teenage self wouldn’t approve. Buy through ShopBop for $128.

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  • Jane H.

    I’m 21 and I carry around a neon orange backpack from American Apparel… otherwise my shoulders and back would never last! I would carry around this if it was waterproof (which it probably is :))

  • athena2576

    I agree, the color would show off all the stains and dirt. The bag owner has to be really neat and tidy if she owns this one. With the pricey cost, you can’t afford to just lay this bag anywhere. http://lesportsacbagmanila.blogspot.com

  • JerZygirLz

    They just re-designed the drew to the new Voyager backpack! Perfect for work and play- this is a must buy!!! :)

  • Allison

    I have their 3 zipper makeup case in this color. It is perfect for organizing all your makeup and somehow after 2 years of every day use it is still clean and pretty as ever. Great color and doesn’t stain easily