Ok, so maybe this is actually cheetah print, as the play on words in the name of the pattern implies. That’s just a technicality, and the word “cheetah” didn’t fit nicely within the alliteration of this post’s title, and I’m not sure I could tell the difference anyway. Although I’m pretty sure that there is a difference (besides the obvious fact that cheetahs and leopards are different animals).

Anyway, now that we have that cleared up, let’s discuss the bag. I have travel on my mind lately, and the LeSportsac Cheater Passerby Bag seems like a good way to keep it there.

My partiality to anything animal-printed is well known around these parts, and generally, having brightly patterned luggage is something of an advantage over all the other poor fools who are trying to find their needle of a suitcase in the black Samsonite haystack in the overhead bin of an airplane or at baggage claim.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend checking this bag, but as a carry-on, it would be pretty great. Nylon is resistant to a lot of abuse, and even though the background of this bag is light, a pattern makes up for a multitude of sins. It’s just big enough to hold all of your plane essentials, including magazines, a shawl to use as a blanket, and any iPod/iPad/Kindle devices you might have or desire. For less than $100, it’s not a bad deal at all. Buy through ShopBop for $98.

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