L.A.M.B. Signature Worthington Satchel in African Argyle

There was no doubt in my mind when I came across this bag that it was a L.A.M.B. handbag. In fact, I am almost positive that designer, Gwen Stefani would have it no other way. Since I am learning to appreciate the eccentric designs and find something I like about them I can actually say that this is the kind of bag I would carry if I was looking to really make a statement.

The L.A.M.B. Signature Worthington Satchel in African Argyle is a loud and noticeable bag, but that is exactly what it is meant to be. It is easy to see the African-inspired design on this satchel. With the design and color scheme being so vibrant, I didn’t even notice the pyramid stud detailing. But more importantly I can see how this bag would brighten up even the dullest winter day. If you are in the market for a bright, bold, “notice me” kind of bag, would this be the one for you? Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $275.

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