Two things came to mind when I saw this bag today. The first one being, now *this* is a classic Kate Spade handbag. The second being, this bag is one Charlotte from Sex and the City would totally rock. Do you see it too?

When it comes to tweed I find that it is often hit or miss. If not executed perfectly, or close to it, the bag will look completely frumpy. Yet, frumpy this bag is not.

A tweedtastic bag like this Kate Spade Sea Worthy Tweed Nelly Shoulder Bag would actually be one that I would consider buying for myself. I don’t have any bags made out of tweed, and as previously mentioned I am super picky about tweed bags. Yet, this one is rather lovely. Besides the obvious tweed, the smaller details really help make this bag a knock-out. The bag is trimmed with gorgeous leather and has just the slightest hint of fringe. Of course it is easy to notice the twist-lock closure and fabulous leather and chain-linked shoulder strap. And ladies, this bag isn’t just for your mom or grandmother, you can totally spruce up say, your favorite pair of jeans, form-fitting white button down shirt, a pair of pumps and this bag for a killer look. Buy through Nordstrom for $295.

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12 years ago

I think this bag is wonderful I love tweed. I can see Charlotte wearing this bag.

12 years ago

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