The popularity of striped, bright baby bags still continues to slightly baffle me, just as it did the last time I wrote about one. My questions still stand: doesn’t the pattern make it hard to incorporate into most outfits? Wouldn’t new moms feel a bit more like themselves if they were carrying a bag that looked like something they’d normally carry, rather than a bag that screams OMG DIAPERS?

Having not had a child myself, I suppose I just can’t understand. Despite that, I think that the Kate Spade Jubilee Stripe Stevie Baby Bag may be a happy medium from what I would conceptualize as a stylish bag and the busy paisley patterns that many moms seem to choose.

This bag strikes a good balance – it has a bold, graphic pattern that seems to curry favor with new moms, but it’s not so busy with pattern that it looks inexpensive (which it’s not, at nearly $400). The only thing that gives me pause is the pattern – I imagine that a baby bag could often be used to transport liquids, and I’m not sure that cotton canvas would be the ideal material in a spill situation. Buy through Nordstrom for $395.

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  • Anita

    This is a very cute bag, although I wouldn’t use it as a baby bag. I love the color combination.

  • Rach

    Very cute summer bag. Would look good with white shorts and a little t-shirt in navy, white, green, or yellow.

  • tori

    I despise KS (as matter of fact, the only KS boutique here closed down recently… thank god). But this bag is totally cute. I would NEVER use it as a diaper bag, it’s way too cute to get all those yucky mess on it. But it’s definitely a bag I could take to the beach, travel, to the pool, etc.

    Then again, I would NEVER use an expensive tote as a diaper bag. Just not worth it.

  • elyse

    This would make an amazing summer bag – especially if it came in a bright pink (fb)

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  • Ria

    Where can I get the jubilee stripe bag in Ontario canada. Unable to find one anywhere.