Kate Spade Hula Ida ShopperOh dear. It looks like I’ve finally found a beach-y, straw handbag that I don’t like. This is a big day for me, because I really thought that I liked anything that reminded me of vacation or sand or ocean. But I definitely don’t like the Kate Spade Hula Ida Shopper.

If this bag cost $15 at Target, I might think it was funny in a kitschy, literal way. And I hate to snark on Kate Spade, because their recent influx of new talent has turned out several good bags and has the whole company moving in a much-needed new direction. But with a price tag in the several hundred dollar region, this is just too silly and too ridiculous to be permissible. If the orange straw was all woven instead of like a hula skirt, then maybe. But as it is, no. Definitely no. Buy through Nordstrom for $295.

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  • Loquita

    $295?!!?? It looks like it’s just outta the craft bin at Michael’s….and that’s being generous. Eeeeep.

  • Allison

    At first I couldn’t believe that you didn’t like this…you’ve been complaining about the sloppy execution of fringe a lot, and here I think the fringe works, until I zoomed in and saw that it was straw. WTF, straw fringe, really Kate Spade? The shape of the bag, the colors, the handle are all great, and if this was some other material, it would have potential…but straw fringe…serious ugly.

  • 19yearslater

    Aw, come on- it could work as a bag and a skirt. Ha, ha.

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